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We Believe Many Veterans Are

Stuck, Frustrated, & Underrated

According to our data, 8/10 (80%) of you reading this message right now are stuck, frustrated, and underrated by the VA…which means you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of tax-free compensation and benefits each month for you and your family…

You Served You Deserve

Our purpose is to get underrated Veterans what they legally, morally, ethically, and medically deserve by law.

We Help Older, Younger, Disabled, Our, All
Underrated Veterans To Get The Rating They Deserve!

Check out our Education-Based Membership Programs Below

Our education-based membership programs include access and permission to use our proprietary resources, which includes reduced rates to our preferred provider network for medical examinations, disability evaluations, and credible VA Nexus Letters (Independent Medical Opinions) for a wide range of disability conditions. We serve Veterans *LIVE* 24/7/365 and in-community, in a “Done With You” Mastermind concept with fellow disabled Veterans from around the world.

How The Elite Membership Program Works

  1. Step 1 Intake Process

    15 Minutes

    Signup for Free

    You'll be assigned a coach within minutes and connected over email. They will be your guide and go-to resource throughout the process.

  2. Step 2 Strategy Call

    Average: 3-5 Days

    Establish a Roadmap

    We will assess & annotate any gaps between where you are now and where you should be because with the right strategy, the tactics are easy!

  3. Step 3 IMO & Nexus

    Average: 14 Days or Less

    Medical Evidence

    If you have any type of mental health condition, the Independent Psych Eval + IMO + Nexus Statement is a sound investment.

  4. Step 4 Preferred Provider Medical Evaluation

    Average: 5-7 Days

    If Needed

    This will be based upon your VA Claim Strategy session (Step #2) to determine if it would be beneficial for building evidence for your claim.

  5. Step 5 Claim Submission

    Average: 5-7 Days

    You Got This!

    We have your 6 every step of the way, but our Veteran Coaches DO NOT prepare or file your claim for you nor do they have power of attorney.

  6. Step 6 C&P Prep

    Average: 3-5 Days

    You’ll Be Ready!

    Our coaches will help you get thoroughly prepared for the big day when it comes, so that you can share your honest journey during the C&P Exam.

  7. Step 7 Claim Decision

    Average: 30-120 Days

    We’re Here With You

    Your VC Team will conduct an analysis of your VA claim decision and provide any recommendations for next-steps.

  8. Step 8 Supplemental Claim

    Average: 60-180 Days

    If Needed

    Your VC Team will connect you with some expert-level resources for a Higher-Level Review (HLR) or Supplemental Claim (if needed).

How The Bootcamp Program Works

  1. The Entire Bootcamp Program

    $5,000 Value

    The VA Claims Insider Bootcamp program will show you how to file a successful VA disability claim online AND increase your current VA rating, step-by-step, even if you've already filed or been denied.

  2. The Mastermind Group

    $564 Value

    The *LIVE* 24/7/365 VA Claims Insider Mastermind group is where you can ask questions and get personalized help from me, my team, and fellow disabled veterans in the program.

  3. The #1 Disability to File For

    $1,000 Value

    EVERY Veteran should file for this #1 Disability (Tinnitus), fully documented the way it should be

  4. Education Benefits

    $5,000 Value For those who qualify

    Learn more about direct award academic scholarship programs for your spouse and dependents, in a simplified, and easy to understand way

  5. 100% Rating

    $4,000 Value

    How to potentially get a 100% P&T VA disability rating, if you qualify, TONS of additional benefits like no property taxes, and over $4,000/month, tax-free compensation, for life

Are You Ready?

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Celebrating Positive Life Change

We’ve helped tens of thousands of Veterans just like you.

VA supplemental claim back pay

From 20% to 90% Rating in Under 6 Months

View Ken's Full Story Here

"There's so much more with VA Claims Insider that you can't get from anywhere else. It's so easy because they truly care.”

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"You can only get so many denial letters before you feel like you're wasting your time. So you just give up."

View James's Full Story Here


"I would have never been able to navigate from 0 to 100% on my own. VA Claims Insider was worth every dime." -Veteran Craig Losurdo

View Craig's Full Story Here


“The ELITE program made the claims process easy for me."

View Saad's Full Story Here


"My Coach was outstanding and encouraged me throughout the process. I felt like giving up so many times, but he kept telling me to keep going and stay with it, and I did."

View Donald 's Full Story Here

SR 71

"The more I worked with VACI, the more confident I was about what I needed for my specific case.”

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“I didn’t overthink it. I trusted a fellow veteran’s recommendation and jumped in head first.”

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"Once I found VA Claims Insider and got everything going, I just felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders."

View Dwaine's Full Story Here

Experience the positive life change from fellow Veterans who have used VA Claims Insider's services. Check out more success stories and real reviews that have not been incentivized or altered on our Customer Testimonials page.

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