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An Education-Based Coaching/Consulting Company

We're here for disabled veterans exploring eligibility for increased VA disability benefits and who wish to learn more about that process.

We also connect veterans with our Preferred Provider Network for medical examinations and Independent Medical Opinions (IMO) for a wide range of disability conditions.

We serve veterans *LIVE* 24/7/365 and in-community, in a “Done With You” Mastermind concept with fellow disabled veterans from around the world.

Our Team

Photo of Lisa Pupo

Lisa Pupo

Director of Finance

Photo of Brian Reese

Brian Reese


Photo of Terrell Murrell

Terrell Murrell


Photo of Beatrice Highsmith

Beatrice Highsmith

Executive Assistant (Chairman of the Board)

Photo of Jenny Sandman

Jenny Sandman

Executive Assistant (CEO)

Photo of Melodie Morairity

Melodie Morairity

People Ops Admin

Photo of Chelsee Cesareo

Chelsee Cesareo

Executive Administrative Assistant

Photo of Austin Aldridge

Austin Aldridge

Talent Acquisition Manager

Photo of Steven Gowan

Steven Gowan

Technical Support Lead

Photo of Ryan Somerville

Ryan Somerville

IT Systems Administrator

Photo of Suzanne McCarthy

Suzanne McCarthy

Staff Accountant

Photo of Lee Wise

Lee Wise

UX Developer

Photo of Adam Popour

Adam Popour

NetSuite Administrator

Photo of Jarrett Held

Jarrett Held

IT Network Administrator

Photo of Kimberly Westbrook

Kimberly Westbrook

​Executive Administrative Assistant

Photo of Murugan Mahesan

Murugan Mahesan

Business Intelligence Manager

Photo of Amber Norwood

Amber Norwood

Senior Training Specialist

Photo of Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez

Finance Operations Manager

Photo of Junior Louis

Junior Louis

HR/IT Consultant

Photo of Lisa Bellevie

Lisa Bellevie

AP/AR Manager

Photo of Laura Casey

Laura Casey

Senior Customer Service Manager

Photo of Rob Nichols

Rob Nichols

Quality Control Superviosr

Photo of Lea Braganaza

Lea Braganaza

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Arlyn Acosta

Arlyn Acosta

Lead Executive Assistant

Photo of Matthew Chaump

Matthew Chaump


Photo of Tou Kong

Tou Kong

Software Developer

Photo of Rhoderick Reyes

Rhoderick Reyes

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Joanne Arnaiz

Joanne Arnaiz

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Julie Brion

Julie Brion

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Tim Tran

Tim Tran

Jr. Web Developer

Photo of Zoar Perez

Zoar Perez

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Photo of Patrick Liagao

Patrick Liagao

Executive Assistant

Photo of Bea Endaya

Bea Endaya

IT Support Specialist

Photo of Chris Larraga

Chris Larraga

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Carl Fontilar

Carl Fontilar

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Zee Crain

Zee Crain

Creative Lead

Photo of Che Noveno

Che Noveno

Executive Assistant

Photo of Maria Kimberly Ann Bautista

Maria Kimberly Ann Bautista

Executive Assistant

Photo of Cathy Oliveros

Cathy Oliveros

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Monica De Dios

Monica De Dios

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Ma Rae Jinna Sebastian

Ma Rae Jinna Sebastian

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Eric Rovelo

Eric Rovelo

IT Support Specialist

Photo of Nets Brigino

Nets Brigino

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mary Cortez

Mary Cortez

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jon Land

Jon Land


Photo of Elaine Tiansay

Elaine Tiansay

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Eric Webb

Eric Webb

Content Lead

Photo of Cza Baclao

Cza Baclao

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Danielle De Leon

Danielle De Leon

Executive Assistant

Photo of Lynette Lacuen

Lynette Lacuen

Executive Assistant

Photo of Quinlee Roces Payla

Quinlee Roces Payla

IT Support Specialist

Photo of Kristal Minero

Kristal Minero

Customer/Provider Support Specialist

Photo of Bernard Quinque Angel

Bernard Quinque Angel

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Eloisa Carilo

Eloisa Carilo

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mark Joseph Lema Arpia

Mark Joseph Lema Arpia

Executive Assistant

Photo of Amy Badol

Amy Badol

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kaye Anne Estrella

Kaye Anne Estrella

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Hjordi  Danielson

Hjordi Danielson

Brand Manager

Photo of Josephine Selga

Josephine Selga

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Sonny De chavez

Sonny De chavez

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

People Operations Manager

Photo of Monica Tobias Madarang

Monica Tobias Madarang

Executive Assistant

Photo of Jordan Rey O'Campo

Jordan Rey O'Campo

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cheryl Cacho

Cheryl Cacho

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Rochelle Bonifacio

Rochelle Bonifacio

Executive Assistant

Photo of Aurora Budaden Cortez

Aurora Budaden Cortez

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Yehlen Pagaduan

Yehlen Pagaduan

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jeraldine Gaco

Jeraldine Gaco

Quality Assurance Analyst

Photo of Lourdes Padillo

Lourdes Padillo

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Ginalyn Alcantara

Ginalyn Alcantara

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Julie Ann Africa Torres

Julie Ann Africa Torres

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jenessy Williams

Jenessy Williams

Social Media Specialist

Photo of Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Training & Support Manager

Photo of Carla Burks

Carla Burks

Training Specialist

Photo of Onalea Quiboloy

Onalea Quiboloy

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Reyna Sierra Rovelo

Reyna Sierra Rovelo

Website Administrator Supervisor

Photo of Glenda Cacho

Glenda Cacho

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Keila Putiyon

Keila Putiyon

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jenelyn Aytona

Jenelyn Aytona

Executive Assistant

Photo of Blithe Salcedo

Blithe Salcedo

Executive Assistant

Photo of Keith Oprecio-Briagas

Keith Oprecio-Briagas

Executive Assistant

Photo of Nicholas James Vandiver

Nicholas James Vandiver


Photo of Thirdy Rivera

Thirdy Rivera

Quality Control Supervisor

Photo of Denian Cortez Collado

Denian Cortez Collado

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Hannah Joy Basilio

Hannah Joy Basilio

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Dan Medlin

Dan Medlin


Photo of Crisel Bristol

Crisel Bristol

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Theresa Ronas Gomez

Theresa Ronas Gomez

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jean Orimar Laurio

Jean Orimar Laurio

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Ritchel Lisondra

Ritchel Lisondra

Administrative Assistant

Photo of John Gibson

John Gibson

Video Producer & Editor

Photo of Anne Gueco

Anne Gueco

Accounts Receivable Administrative Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Rohr

Stephanie Rohr

Video Production Coordinator

Photo of Nate Chery

Nate Chery

Senior Demand Generation Specialist

Photo of Brandy Brabante

Brandy Brabante

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Eric Briagas

Eric Briagas

Administrative Assistante

Photo of Cyril Deblois

Cyril Deblois

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Anna De Luna

Anna De Luna

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Evelyn Fernandez

Evelyn Fernandez

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Maria Formilleza

Maria Formilleza

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jenny Mijares

Jenny Mijares

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jamaica Ocfemia

Jamaica Ocfemia

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Marieville Posugac

Marieville Posugac

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Lilibeth Cambod

Lilibeth Cambod

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Abegaile Ramel

Abegaile Ramel

QA Assistant

Photo of Karl Malejana

Karl Malejana

Finance Admin Assistant

Photo of Jude Pingul

Jude Pingul

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Irish Domingcil

Irish Domingcil

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Clay Huston

Clay Huston

Content Writer

Photo of Asaad Fakhir

Asaad Fakhir

Digital Content Specialist

Photo of Doug Klopp

Doug Klopp

Content Writer

Photo of Brittany Kretz

Brittany Kretz

People Ops Generalist

Photo of Kelly Olone

Kelly Olone


Photo of Ron Aguirre

Ron Aguirre

Sr. Training Specialist

Photo of April Montas

April Montas

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Angelica Marcelin

Angelica Marcelin

IT Support Specialist

Photo of Ces Garcia

Ces Garcia

IT Support Specialist

Photo of Amelia Fertitta

Amelia Fertitta

Executive Administrative Assistant

Photo of Vince Jan Go

Vince Jan Go

QC Specialist


Be the world’s most trusted educational resource for veterans navigating the VA disability claim process.


Make the VA Claim process easy through the power of community, personal coaching, and best in class education because WE CARE.

Our Why

We believe many veterans are stuck, frustrated, and underrated by the VA. Our purpose is to help veterans celebrate life change by securing the VA disability benefits they legally, morally, ethically, and medically deserve by law. We are INSIDERS!

Our How

  • We make VA disability benefits EASY by providing Veterans with a suite of expert-level educational resources across our websites and in our Membership programs. YOU are NEVER alone in this fight!
  • Our flagship Membership program, VA Claims Insider Elite, connects a Veteran Client with one of our expert-level Veteran Coaches (VCs) who leads/coaches you on your VA claim journey through our proprietary 8-step VA Claims Insider Elite process/resources, which is built upon our 3-part "SEM Method."
  • SEM Method: Strategy + Education + Medical Evidence = VA Disability Rating You Deserve in Less Time!

Our What

We help Veterans get the VA disability rating they deserve in less time.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define what it means to be ELITE. These Core Values apply to ALL of us at VA Claims Insider.



Empathy is at the heart of who we are. It is the key to providing Elite-level customer service. We will listen, respect, relate, and seek understanding with each other and the veterans we serve.



Learning is both a mindset and a philosophy. We must always grow and adapt, learn and apply knowledge, be resourceful, do and be more, and constantly challenge the status quo. Nobody knows it all and there is no such thing as “good enough.”



Integrity means doing the right thing, all the time, even if nobody’s looking. We will make mistakes, but we will never sacrifice our integrity. Without integrity, the rest of our core values don’t matter.



If we want to go far, we must go together. We will build-up, support, and be accountable to each other in all things. We will collaborate as a team, and the best ideas will win. The team is more important than our individual wants and needs.



Enthusiasm is the driving force behind our culture. It is the energy and passion that fuels everything we do. It is a contagious positive attitude. It is what makes our craft fun and exciting.

Our Ethos

Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character,” which is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.

  1. Integrity First
  2. Never Quit Attitude
  3. Selfless Service Now and Forevermore
  4. Injured Not Helpless or Hopeless
  5. Driven to Fight and Win
  6. Enthusiasm to Learn More
  7. Responsible for My Actions

Our Creedo

Credo comes from the Latin word meaning “I believe.” But the word can be applied to any set of principles.

I am a Veteran.
I am an INSIDER.
I answered my Nation’s call.
I served my Country with honor.

I am a Veteran.
I am an INSIDER.
My mission is to fight for, and win, the VA benefits that are rightfully mine by law.
I will proceed in this mission with integrity and vulnerability.
While I may be injured, I am neither helpless nor hopeless.

I am a Veteran.
I am an INSIDER.
I am a member of an ELITE-level movement of Veterans helping Veterans around the world.
I will support and defend our movement from all enemies.
I will never quit, nor will I let fellow Insiders quit.
I will never falter, and I will not fail!

Our Prayer


Let us go forth now with an unshakeable purpose.
Help us to remain intently focused on our calling that God the Father accepts as pure and true:
To support, defend, and care for those brave men and women who shall have borne the battle.
And in this noblest pursuit, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil.

You Served. You Deserve.

Learn how we help Veterans just like YOU get the VA Disability Rating and Compensation they deserve.

How We Serve You