VA Disability Calculator

Hi Veterans, welcome to our combined VA disability calculator! Use this VA disability calculator to determine your combined VA disability rating. The VA uses a “fuzzy math” calculation to determine your overall combined VA disability rating. VA Claims Insider has brought this VA rating calculator to you for FREE. Enjoy and please share it with fellow disabled veterans. To use our VA disability rating calculator, simply follow the instructions below. 

Veterans can use the VA Claims Insider VA Disability Rating Calculator to calculate their combined VA disability rating in a few simple steps.

The best VA disability calculator around will calculate a veterans combined VA rating for a host of conditions, including any unilateral or bilateral factors, and also includes marital status, dependent rates, and the new 2020 VA pay rates.

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What is your physical disability?
(You can check more than one box if you have multiple problem areas)

What percentage is your diability rated at now,
or what level would you like to achieve?

Your disabilities

Short of your goal rating? Add these commonly looked over ratings in and see what they could possibly move your current rating too. Tinnitus 10%, SSD or PTSD have maximum rating of 100% and if you are already rated for Tinnitus have you thought about claiming migraines secondary to it? Migraines are rated up to 50%.

Your va rating if approved would be:

Combined Disability Percentage


Current Disability Percentage


your monthly payment from the va
based on the criteria you selected above,
if approved would be:

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* A Bilateral factor of was applied.