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Our purpose is to get underrated Veterans what they legally, morally, ethically, and medically deserve by law. We are INSIDERS!

What is Elite Membership?

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Sandra Halioua-Schmidt

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Our Most Popular Program

Premier Education-Based Coaching/Consulting Program

Elite Membership is intended to help veterans Mastermind with fellow disabled veterans and connect with qualified independent medical professionals for evaluations and Medical Nexus Letters (aka, Independent Medical Opinions).

Elite members also get a Veteran Coach assigned to lead the Mastermind group cohort of fellow disabled veterans on their VA claim journey.

Get a HIGHER VA Rating in LESS time

Maybe you have filed your claim on your own or with a VSO a couple of times and still, are not at the rating you deserve. You are frustrated with the process and don’t know how to service connect your VA disabilities. Chances are you’re stuck, frustrated, and underrated, and you probably need more medical evidence!

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Is Elite Membership for me?

If You are a Veteran with a service connected disability

We Can Help!

Elite Membership Helps Older, Younger, Disabled, Our, All Underrated Veterans We’ve helped tens of thousands of Veterans just like you.

I went from 90 to 100%, 15 days. My coach pointed me in the right direction. I got in touch with a mental health counselor and did what I needed to do He empowered me going through the whole process, finally finding the right people.

View Doug's Full Story Here

They sounded like some pretty big claims. I was skeptical but I really had nothing to lose. For me it was just a matter of how bad I really wanted to take my claim into my own hands.

View Eric's Full Story Here

Experience the positive life change from fellow Veterans who have used VA Claims Insider's services. Check out more success stories and real reviews that have not been incentivized or altered on our Customer Testimonials page.

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How Elite Membership Works

  1. Step 1 Intake Process

    15 Minutes

    Signup for Free

    You'll be assigned a coach within minutes and connected over email. They will be your guide and go-to resource throughout the process.

  2. Step 2 Strategy Session

    Average: 3-5 Days

    Establish a Roadmap

    We will assess & annotate any gaps between where you are now and where you should be because with the right strategy, the tactics are easy!

  3. Step 3 IMO & Nexus

    Average: 14 Days or Less

    Medical Evidence

    If you have any type of mental health condition, the Independent Psych Eval + IMO + Nexus Statement is a sound investment.

  4. Step 4 Med Team Eval

    Average: 5-7 Days

    If Needed

    This will be based upon your VA Claim Strategy session (Step #2) to determine if it would be beneficial for building evidence for your claim.

  5. Step 5 Claim Submission

    Average: 5-7 Days

    You Got This!

    We have your 6 every step of the way, but our Veteran Coaches DO NOT prepare or file your claim for you nor do they have power of attorney.

  6. Step 6 C&P Prep

    Average: 3-5 Days

    You’ll Be Ready!

    Our coaches will help you get thoroughly prepared for the big day when it comes, so that you can share your honest journey during the C&P Exam.

  7. Step 7 Claim Decision

    Average: 30-120 Days

    We’re Here With You

    Your VC Team will conduct an analysis of your VA claim decision and provide any recommendations for next-steps.

  8. Step 8 Supplemental Claim

    Average: 60-180 Days

    If Needed

    Your VC Team will connect you with some expert-level resources for a Higher-Level Review (HLR) or Supplemental Claim (if needed).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Elite Membership cost?
You can become an Elite Member and join for FREE! That is not a typo, we only win when YOU win! For more information on the fees associated with our Elite Membership program, please head over to our Price Guide page.
What if I don't have an existing VA Disability Rating?
We've serviced countless Veterans who didn't have an existing rating, not because they didn't have a service-connected disability, but because they simply didn't know where to start. We'd suggest you learn more about our Elite Membership or schedule a call with one of our Veteran Success Managers.
What if I still have questions, can someone help me?
YES! We wouldn't be Veterans Helping Veterans Worldwide™ if we weren't on standby to help YOU! You can reach out to our dedicated team by submitting a note or scheduling a call with one of our Veteran Success Managers.

How Much Does Elite Membership Cost?

$0 Free To Join
Members Only Discounted
Medical Service
Rating Increase 6x Your Increase Amount 91% of Members Experience a Win
NO Rating Increase $0 You Owe Nothing

We Win Only When You Win

How Do I Join?

  1. Step 1Complete Basic Information
  2. Step 2Complete Basic Information
  3. Step 3Your coach will connect with you over email

Signup For Elite Membership

If you have already signed your Elite Membership Agreement but still have questions, please email us here.

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