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March 26, 2024

Overcoming Lost Military Medical Records 30 Years Later

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ELITE Success with Ron Taylor

Army Veteran Ron Taylor overcame lost military medical records, VA claim denials, and more. His successful journey through the VA disability process is a testament to his perseverance and determination. 

In January 2024, less than a year after joining the Elite Program at VA Claims Insider and more than three decades after separating from the Army, Taylor received the 100% VA disability rating he deserved. 

“I was in shock,” Taylor said, “I wasn’t expecting it to move that quickly. I couldn’t believe it.” 


Taylor joined the Army in 1978, just one year after high school. Immediately following boot camp, Taylor was sent to Germany. Two years later, he returned to the US and Fort Lewis, Washington. 

After reenlisting, Taylor switched his MOS from 36 Kilo to 91E and underwent training in Fort Sam Houston before heading to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 

Taylor spent eight years at Fort Campbell, completed air assault school, and became a dental hygienist before being sent back to Germany for a second time—where he spent the next two years.

After returning from Germany with his family for the second time, Taylor soon decided it was time to separate from the Army. 


Lost Military Medical Records

However, since Taylor and his family had rushed out of Germany to return to the US due to a family emergency—he was never appropriately cleared. 

Because of that, the Army never shipped him his medical records. 

“I didn’t know how much I was going to need them,” he said, “I certainly would have tried to get them before I left.” 

After he returned to the US, Taylor called back to his unit and talked with two people there but was never able to retrieve his lost military medical records.

VA Disability Claim Lost Medical Records

By the time he got out of the Army, Taylor was dealing with ankle problems and acid reflux. But like many other veterans, Taylor knew nothing about VA disability benefits or compensation.

“In the Army, I didn’t know about disability through the VA. Nobody talked about that,” he said.

Following Taylor’s outgoing Army physical, he was rated for bad ankles and acid reflux. It was the first time he had heard about VA disability. But his other conditions would take years before he would get service connected.


Denied VA Claims

Going to the VA over the years, Taylor would simply tell them what VA claims he wanted to file, and they would file it for him. 

But all of these VA claims were denied.

He eventually was service-connected for his tinnitus because it was considered a presumptive condition for his 91E MOS. 

Years passed, and Taylor remained severely underrated for his conditions. His cousin encouraged him to seek outside assistance, and Taylor increased his VA rating to 70% with outside help. However, Taylor soon hit a roadblock when the company could not provide him with further guidance.

Eventually, Taylor came across VA Claims Insider on Google and began watching videos. He enrolled in the Elite program in January 2023, but it was six months before he decided to take action.

“My Coach and his assistant would contact me every month about getting started, but I didn’t feel comfortable with technology. I’m 64 years old. I saw what I needed to do when I first joined, but I wasn’t familiar with everything,” he said. “Once I understood that VA Claims Insider could help me learn how to do the technology side of things—that’s when I started.”

Taylor said that the VA Claims Insider helped him overcome technical difficulties, and his decision to pursue additional medical evidence for his conditions was a turning point in his VA disability journey.

Once he figured out that his Veteran Coach could help walk him through the steps if he got stuck, it was huge for Taylor. He was also thankful that he was pointed in the right direction when it came time to get his medical evidence. 


In June 2023, Taylor filed his first VA claim as an Elite member. He received a 50% VA rating for Sleep Apnea three weeks later. After being denied an increase for his acid reflux, Taylor was successful in service connecting both of his knees—and the bilateral factor helped push him to a 100% VA disability rating.

The majority of Taylor’s Army medical records were never recovered. 

But Taylor didn’t let that stop him from getting the VA rating and benefits he deserved. He sought out DBQs and Nexus Letters and was able to service connect his conditions.

Taylor is thankful for the service provided by VA Claims Insider and hopes other veterans don’t give up on pursuing their disability. 

“VA Claims Insider gives you great direction. I wish I had known about them sooner,” he said. 

Taylor also encourages other veterans in the Elite program to listen to the guidance of their coach and never quit. 

“Get educated. Listen to your Coach. And don’t give up,” he said.


Taylor’s journey serves as an example for veterans navigating the complexities of the VA disability system. He overcame obstacles—including lost military medical records—and secured the benefits he earned through his years of service. 

His experience underscores the importance of seeking assistance and staying the course despite adversity. 

And his message rings clear: with determination, education, and support, every veteran has the power to pursue the benefits they deserve.


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