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About VA Claims Insider

VA Claims Insider, LLC (VACI) is an education-based coaching/consulting company for disabled veterans who are exploring eligibility for increased VA disability benefits and who wish to learn more about that process. VACI was founded in 2016 by Brian Reese, an Air Force service-disabled veteran and former U.S. Air Force Academy NCAA Division I hockey player, and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

VACI currently serves more than 500,000 unique veterans per month across its websites and membership programs via Military Disability Made Easy and VA Claims Insider. VACI's Mission is "Veterans helping veterans access education-based resources to get the VA disability rating and compensation they deserve."

VACI fulfills our mission by offering disabled veterans a suite of digital products and services inside our education-based membership programs. VACI also connects veterans with our preferred provider network for medical examinations, disability evaluations, and credible medical nexus letters for a wide range of disability conditions.

VACI is not an accredited agent, Veterans Service Organization (VSO), attorney, or entity recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way. VACI does not assist veterans with the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of VA disability claims for VA benefits. Veterans prepare and file their own claim or work with an accredited representative, many of which offer services for free.

About the Founder

Brian Reese is a VA expert, author, and founder of VA Claims Insider - "The Most Trusted Name in Education-Based Resources for Veterans." He is also the CEO of Military Disability Made Easy, which is the world's largest free searchable database for all things related to DoD disability and VA disability, and has served more than 6,000,000 military members and veterans since its founding in 2013.

Brian's frustration with the eight-step VA disability claims process led him to create VA Claims Insider, which provides disabled veterans with tips, strategies, and lessons learned to win their VA disability compensation claim in less time.

Brian is a former active duty Air Force officer with extensive experience leading hundreds of individuals and multi-functional teams in challenging international environments, including a combat tour to southern Afghanistan in 2011 in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Brian is a Distinguished Graduate of Management from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. He also holds an MBA from Oklahoma State University's Spears School of Business, where he was a National Honor Scholar (top 1% of graduate school class).

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define what it means to be ELITE. These values apply to ALL of us at VA Claims Insider.

  • Empathy: Empathy is at the heart of who we are. It's the key to providing Elite-level customer service. We will listen, respect, relate, and seek understanding with each other and the veterans we serve.
  • Learning: Learning is both a mindset and a philosophy. We must always grow and adapt, learn and apply knowledge, be resourceful, do and be more, and constantly challenge the status quo. Nobody knows it all and there is no such thing as "good enough."
  • Integrity: Integrity means doing the right thing, all the time, even if nobody's looking. We will make mistakes, but we will never sacrifice our integrity. Without integrity, the rest of our core values don't matter.
  • Teamwork: If we want to go far, we must go together. We will build up, support, and be accountable to each other in all things. We will collaborate as a team, and the best ideas will win. The team is more important than our individual wants and needs.
  • Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is the driving force behind our culture. It's the energy and passion that fuels everything we do. It's a contagious positive attitude. It's what makes our craft fun and exciting.

Our Why

We believe many veterans are underrated by the VA. Our purpose is to help underrated veterans get the VA disability benefits they legally, morally, ethically, and medically deserve. We are "INSIDERS!"

Our Vision

Be the world's most trusted educational resource for veterans navigating the VA disability claim process.

Our Mission

Make the VA Claim process easy through the power of community, personal coaching, and best in-class education because WE CARE.

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