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VA Claims Insider Price List

Elite Membership Pricing

$0 Free To Join
Members Only Discounted
Medical Service
Rating Increase 6x Your Increase Amount
NO Rating Increase $0 You Owe Nothing

VA Claims Insider NEVER charges up-front fees for access and permission to use the VA Claims Insider Elite Membership program education-based resources.

If you do receive an increase in your monthly VA disability benefits, our VA Claims Insider Elite Membership Agreement stipulates our standard fee of 6x the monthly increase, payable one time, either lump sum at a 10% discount or over 12 months at no interest.

The fees we charge are for “Access and Permission to Use” the VA Claims Insider Elite membership program proprietary resources, which include a variety of reduced rates for services from our preferred provider network as well as our proprietary VA claim resources offered inside the Elite Experience Portal (EEP+).

Instead of charging veterans thousands of dollars to access our proprietary resources up-front, which we value at a minimum of $13,119 inside the Elite program, we decided to make these resources FREELY available to those who join our membership programs, and you only pay AFTER you win your VA disability claim AND get a higher VA rating. If you don’t win and get a higher rating, you don’t owe us a penny.

After services have been rendered by VA Claims Insider, LLC there are no refunds. We never send an invoice until AFTER you have received an increase in your VA disability benefits.

We Win Only When You Win

Elite Membership

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VACI Bootcamp Pricing

VACI Bootcamp is our self-paced online course with 5 modules, 17+ lessons, and tons of real templates that teaches veterans how to file a winning VA disability claim even if they’ve already filed or been denied (EDUCATION-BASED ONLINE COURSE).

VACI Bootcamp$5,000
Mastermind Group$564
Insiders Guide$1,000
Education Benefits Guide$5,000
100% Rating Guide$4,000
Monthly Membership$97
Annual Membership$964

Optional Discounted Medical Fees

For VA Claims Insider's CURRENT Elite or Bootcamp Members ONLY

Discounted Pricing for Preferred Provider Network Services

Other Doctor's Fee VACI Member Price VACI Members Saves
Mental Health Evaluations
Psych Eval & Independent Medical Opinion $1,500 $599 $901 (60%)
Psych Re-Evaluation Unknown $150 N/A
Rebuttal Letter Unknown $200 N/A
Medical / Nexus Services
Telemedicine Evaluation (DX)* $1,000 $524 $476 (48%)
Medical Nexus Chart Review Fee (up to 500 pages)* Unknown $299 N/A
P&T Request/Specialty Letter** $1,500 $620 $880 (59%)
Medical Nexus Letter (one connection)** $1,500 $520 $980 (65%)
Medical Nexus Letter Enhanced (2+ connections)** $1,500 $620 $880 (59%)
DBQ (1-4 pages)** $1,500 $325 $1,175 (78%)
DBQ Enhanced (4+ pages)** $1,500 $425 $1,075 (72%)
Rebuttal Letter Unknown $275 N/A
Unlimited Pages & Reviews for 90 days Unknown +$99 N/A

VA Claims Insider Members Only Price List - November 2023

* Includes comprehensive chart review and record summary (up to 500 pages)

** Chart Review must be completed prior to service


  • None of these fees are required, and you may be able to obtain these services from your own medical providers, possibly even FREE of charge.
  • VA Claims Insider, LLC does NOT receive any form of remuneration for referrals to our preferred provider network.
  • The additional medical services mentioned above are offered via our preferred provider network and are neither associated with nor influenced by VA Claims Insider, LLC in any way.
  • Our preferred provider network does NOT accept any type of insurance.