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Toni Ann Bator 1

Toni Ann Bator

Veteran Coach, Veteran Coaches

A little about Toni Ann

Toni has spent her career as a leader in the non-profit sector working with the most oppressed members of society for over 25 years. Toni holds an M.S. degree in Leadership from Norwich University and she is a Certified Professional Coach working with leaders who are successful externally but struggle internally. 

Toni’s passion to help veterans derives from the personal story of her hero, her father. Frank A. Bator served in the Navy in WWII and he was a Master Sergeant in the Korean War. In looking back, he would have been eligible for compensation due to his service-related PTSD but he wasn’t aware of what he was entitled to. 

Toni is a staunch advocate to destigmatize mental illness within our society. She is a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), a Board Member for HEADS Up (Hatfield Embraces Acceptance and Dismantles Stigma) and a speaker through the Stability Network, sharing her story of lived experience with addiction. In her spare time she plays on a USTA 3.5 tennis league.