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Marbelia Gutierrez

Marbelia Reid

Veteran Coach

A little about Marbelia

Although I am not a veteran myself, I do come from a family that proudly served and fought for their country and I’m engaged to one. I have seen first hand the struggles our brave service members go through on a daily basis just to be heard or helped. That being their reality, serving veterans has always been more than an honor and a privilege to me; it’s my calling.

My background in healthcare as a first responder/caregiver for the last decade has allowed me to see and be part of all aspects of care for our community.Whenever I had a veteran patient I always new the day would be interesting, insightful and humbling. This experience has given me the knowledge and the skills needed to further assist our brave service members get the rating and compensation that they  morally, ethically and legally deserve through VACI. As an added bonus, my core values from healthcare are built in and align perfectly with the core values of VA Claims Insider. Being able to be part of a movement that makes changes in a person life is a blessing. I went from saving to changing lives. “I am an INSIDER!”.

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