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September 20, 2023

Military Burn Pit Locations

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In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of Military Burn Pit Locations. 

We’ll also explain burn pit exposure symptoms, service requirements to be eligible for burn bit presumptive conditions, and other frequently asked questions about the Burn Pits Registry.

Let’s take a look!


Military Burn Pit Locations

These are the burn pit regions recognized by the DoD and the VA.

The specific installations that are listed below a few of the regions are sourced from several web databases. The DoD or VA may not recognize some of them as having had burn pits. The DoD has yet to publish its officially recognized list of installations with burn pits.

If you served in one of the following Military Burn Pit Locations during a qualifying time period and you developed any of the burn pit presumptive conditions due to your exposure, you could qualify for VA benefits and compensation.

Afghanistan Burn Pit Locations

  • Bagram Air Base
  • Camp Bastion Airfield
  • Camp Blessing, Kunar Province
  • Camp Clark, Khost Province
  • Camp Dwyer, Helmand Province
  • Camp Eggers, Kabul
  • Camp Kabul, Kabul
  • Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Province
  • Camp Nathan Smith, Kandahar City
  • Camp Nolen, Kandahar
  • Camp Phoenix, Kabul
  • Camp Spann, Balkh Province
  • COP Able Main, Kunar Province
  • COP Bak, Khost Province
  • COP Bakwa, Farah Province
  • COP Baylough, Zabul Province
  • COP Chergotah, Khost Province
  • COP Comanche, Sherzad
  • COP Ghundy Ghar, Kandahar Province
  • COP Miri, Ghazni Province
  • COP Monti, Kunar Province
  • COP Munoz, Paktika Province
  • COP Najil, Laghman Province
  • COP Reilly, Helmand Province
  • COP Sayed Abad, Wardak Province
  • COP Senjaray, Senjaray
  • COP Sherzad, Nangarhar Province
  • COP Sperwan Ghar, Panjwai District
  • COP Spin Ghar, Nawa-i-Barakzai
  • COP Talukan, Panjwai Province
  • COP Tere Zayi, Khost Province
  • COP Xio Haq, Laghman Province
  • COP Yousef Khel, Paktika Province
  • COP Zerok, Paktika Province
  • COP Zormat, Paktika Province
  • Firebase Nawa, Ghazni Province
  • Firebase Saenz, Helmand Province
  • Firebase Tycz, Uruzgan Province
  • FOB Airborne, Wardak
  • FOB Altimur, Logar Province
  • FOB Anaconda, Uruzgan Province
  • FOB Andar, Ghazni Province
  • FOB Apache, Zabul Province
  • FOB Arian, Ghazni Province
  • FOB Asadabad, Kunar Province
  • FOB Azizullah, Kandahar Province
  • FOB Bostick, Kunar Province
  • FOB Baylough, Zabul Province
  • FOB Camp Wright, Asadabad
  • FOB Chapman, Khost Province
  • FOB Cobra, Uruzgan Province
  • FOB Delaram, Delaram District
  • FOB Delhi, Garmsir
  • FOB Edinburgh, Helmand Province
  • FOB Farah Airfield, Farah Province
  • FOB Fenty, Jalalabad
  • FOB Geronimo, Helmand Province
  • FOB Ghazni, Ghazni Province
  • FOB Hansen, Marja District
  • FOB Hero, Helmand Province
  • FOB Howz-E-Madad, Kandahar
  • FOB Joyce, Kunar Province
  • FOB Kalagush, Nuristan Province
  • FOB Lagman, Qalat
  • FOB Lightning, Paktika Province
  • FOB Lwara (also known as FOB Tillman)
  • FOB Maimane, Faryab Province
  • FOB Marjah, Helmand Province
  • FOB Mehtar Lam, Northern Laghman
  • FOB Morales-Frazier, Kapisa Province
  • FOB Orgun-East, Paktika
  • FOB Pasab, Kandahar Province
  • FOB Payne, Helmand Province
  • FOB Price, Helmand Province
  • FOB Qalat, Zabul Province
  • FOB Ramrod, Kandahar
  • FOB Rhino, Registan Desert
  • FOB Salerno, Khost Province
  • FOB Shank, Logar Province
  • FOB Sharana, Paktika Province
  • FOB Shukvani, Sangin District
  • FOB Shindand, Herat Province
  • FOB Smart, Zabul Province
  • FOB Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province
  • FOB Thunder, Paktika Province
  • FOB Tiger II, Kandahar Province
  • FOB Torkham, Nangarhar Province
  • FOB Walton, Kandahar
  • FOB Waza Kwah, Paktika Province
  • FOB Wilson, Kandahar
  • FOB Wolverine, Qalat
  • FOB Wright, Kunar Province
  • ISAF HQ, Kabul
  • Jalalabad
  • Kabul
  • Kandahar Airfield, Kandahar
  • Patrol Base Boldak, Helmand Province
  • PRT Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province
  • Shindand Air Base, Herat Province



Egypt Burn Pit Locations

  • MFO North Camp, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (1991)
  • MFO North Camp, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (1994 and 1995)
  • MFO South Camp, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (1991 and 1992)
  • MFO South Camp, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (2010 and 2011)

Gulf of Aden

Gulf of Oman

Iraq Burn Pit Locations

  • Abu Ghraib Prison
  • Al Asad Air Base
  • Al Basra Air Base
  • Al Hillah
  • Al Kasik
  • Al Qaim
  • Al Quo
  • Al Taqaddum (Ridgeway)
  • Al Taqaddum Air Base, Fallujah
  • Ali Air Base (formerly Tallil Air Base)
  • Al-Sahra aka Camp Speicher
  • Ar-Rutbah, Al Anbar Governorate
  • Baghdad Green Zone
  • Baghdad International Airport (BIAP)
  • Baiji Oil Refinery
  • Balad Air Base
  • Camp Adder, Tallil Air Base
  • Camp Al Taji (Army Airfield)
  • Camp Anderson, Diwaniyah
  • Camp Ar Ramadi
  • Camp Babylon, Al Hillah
  • Camp Baharia, Fallujah (also known as FOB Volturno)
  • Camp Blue Diamond
  • Camp Bucca, Umm Qasr
  • Camp Cedar I and II, Tallil Air Base
  • Camp Chesty, Kut Al Hayy Air Base
  • Camp Corregidor, Ramadi
  • Camp Courage, Mosul
  • Camp Cropper, BIAP
  • Camp (FOB) Delta, Al Kut
  • Camp Dogwood, al-Iskandariyah Air Base (also known as FOB Chosin)
  • Camp Echo, Diwaynia
  • Camp Fallujah, Fallujah
  • Camp Gannon, Husaybah
  • Camp Geiger
  • Camp Habbaniyah, Al Taquaddum
  • Camp Hurricane Point, Ar Ramadi
  • Camp Liberty (aka Camp Trashcan)
  • Camp Loyalty, Al Rasheed Air Base
  • Camp or LSA Anaconda
  • Camp Ridgeway, Al Taquaddum
  • Camp Rustamiyah (formerly Muleskinner)
  • Camp Sather, Baghdad
  • Camp Scania, Nippur
  • Camp Shield, Baghdad
  • Camp Slayer, Baghdad
  • Camp Speicher, aka Al Sahra Airfield (formerly FOB)
  • Camp Striker, BIAP
  • Camp Victory, BIAP
  • Combat Outpost, Ramadi
  • COP 763, Sadr City
  • COP Apache, Adhamiyah
  • COP Carver, Salman Pak
  • COP Ellis, Barwana
  • COP Falcon, Ramadi
  • COP Knight/IMN, Mosul
  • COP Meade, Camp Liberty
  • COP Milladge, Diyala
  • COP North, Iraq-Syria border
  • COP Nepsa, Hechel
  • COP Ocotal, Anah
  • COP Rawah, Al Anbar Province
  • COP Rock, Mosul
  • COP Sword, Ramadi
  • COP Viking, Al Anbar
  • COS Garry Owen, Maysan Province
  • Diwaynia
  • Fallujah
  • FOB Al Walid
  • FOB Bernstein, Tikrit
  • FOB Black, Fallujah
  • FOB Brassfield-Mora, Samarra
  • FOB Caldwell, Diyala Province
  • FOB Cedar II, Nasiriyah
  • FOB Cobra, Diyala Province
  • FOB Danger, Tikrit
  • FOB Delta, Kut
  • FOB Dibis (outside Kirkuk)
  • FOB Dogwood (between Fallujah and Karbala)
  • FOB Endurance (Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base)
  • FOB Falcon, Camp Al-Saqr
  • FOB Freedom, Kirkuk
  • FOB Gabe, Baqubah
  • FOB Gaines Mills, Kirkuk
  • FOB Garry Owen, Al Amarah
  • FOB Grizzly / Camp Ashraf
  • FOB Hammer, Besmaya District
  • FOB Headhunter (renamed FOB Independence, 2004)
  • FOB Hit, Al Anbar
  • FOB Hope, Sadr City
  • FOB Hotel, Najaf
  • FOB Hunter, Maysan Province
  • FOB Independence, Baghdad (formerly FOB Headhunter)
  • FOB Iskandariyah, Babil Governorate
  • FOB Iskan, Iskandariva
  • FOB Kalsu, Iskandariya
  • FOB Loyalty, Baghdad
  • FOB MacKenzie, Samarra
  • FOB Mahmudiyah
  • FOB Marez, Mosul
  • FOB McHenry, Hawija
  • FOB Normandy, Muqdadiyah
  • FOB O’ryan, Balad
  • FOB Packhorse, Tikrit (later renamed FOB Remagen)
  • FOB Paliwoda, Balad
  • FOB Razor, Samarra
  • FOB Rough Rider, Kirkuk
  • FOB Rustamiyah, Baghdad
  • FOB Summerall (Bayji and Taji)
  • FOB Sykes (Tall’ Afar)
  • FOB Viking, Fallujah
  • FOB Warhorse, Baqubah
  • FOB Warrior, Kirkuk
  • Green Zone or International Zone
  • Habbaniyah Air Base
  • Haditha Dam
  • Haditha City
  • Jalibah Airfield
  • JSS Babil
  • JSS Tarmiyah
  • JSS Zafaraniyah
  • Kalsu
  • Kirkuk
  • Kurdish Support Camps, No. Iraq
  • Kut Al Hayy Airbase
  • Logistics Base Seitz (aka Log Base Seitz near Baghdad International Airport)
  • LSA Bushmaster, Najaf
  • Mosul
  • Navstar
  • OP Horea, Ar Ramadi
  • Patrol Base Andrea, Sulaimaniya
  • Patrol Base Dolby, Adwaniyah
  • Patrol Base Doria, Kirkuk
  • Patrol Base Dragon, Rushdi Mullah
  • Patrol Base Hamiyah, Babil
  • Patrol Base Lion’s Den, Babil
  • Patrol Base Murray, Baghdad Province
  • Patrol Base Olson, Samarra
  • Patrol Base Stone, Kalsu
  • Patrol Base Uvanni, Samarra
  • Patrol Base Woodcock, Ad Dawr
  • Q-West, Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base
  • Radio Relay Point 9, So. Iraq
  • Radio Relay Point 10, So. Iraq
  • Radio Relay Point 11, So. Iraq
  • Radio Relay Point 12, So. Iraq
  • Sahl Sinjar Airfield, Nineveh
  • Scania
  • Taji
  • Tallil Air Base (now Ali Air Base)
  • Tall’ Afar

Kuwait Burn Pit Locations

  • Ali Al Salem
  • Camp Arifjan (Camden Yards)
  • Camp Buehring (formerly Camp Udairi)
  • Camp Commando
  • Camp Coyote
  • Camp Doha
  • Camp Matilda
  • Camp New York
  • Camp Pennsylvania
  • Camp Spearhead
  • Camp Victory
  • Camp Victory South
  • Camp Virginia
  • Kuwait Naval Base


Qatar Burn Pit Locations

  • Doha, Qatar
  • Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar


United Arab Emirates Burn Pit Locations

  • Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates


Other Burn Pit Locations

  • Albania (Operation NOBLE ANVIL)
  • Batman, Turkey
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (Operation Joint Endeavor, HHC 17th Signal Battalion, 22nd Signal Brigade, 1995-96)
  • Camp Able Sentry, near Skopje, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia
  • Camp Bondsteel, Ferizaj, Kosovo
  • Camp Monteith, Gnjilane, Kosovo
  • Diego Garcia (near U.S. Navy Support Facility)
  • Ganci Air Base, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (also known as Manas Air Base and Transit Center at Manas)
  • Haiti (Operation Uphold Democracy, 1994)
  • Incirlik Air Base, Adana, Turkey (Operation Northern Watch)
  • King Abdul Aziz Airbase, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid Military City, Saudi Arabia (Oct. 1990 to June 1991)
  • Jordan (FOB at a classified location during the Iraq War)
  • Morón Air Base, Sevilla, Spain (Operation Desert Storm/Shield, 1991)
  • National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California (reported between 1993-96)
  • Shahbaz Air Base, Jacobabad, Pakistan
  • Shamsi, Pakistan
  • Muzaffarabad, Pakistan (Earthquake relief, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74, 2005)
  • Taif Air Force Base, Saudi Arabia
  • Tuzla Air Base, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Waters of the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea


Exposure Requirements

You don’t need to have served on a specific installation listed above to have been exposed to a burn pit. 

If you served in any one of the regions above, the VA assumes you were exposed, even if you don’t remember living or working near a burn pit. This is called presumptive exposure.

But there are a few date requirements your time in service must meet to be eligible for a burn pit presumptive. You also must have been on active duty when in these regions:

Deployed in these regions on or after September 11, 2001

  • Afghanistan
  • Djibouti
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen
  • The airspace above any of these locations

Deployed in these regions on or after August 2, 1990

  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • The airspace above any of these locations

Deployed in these regions on or after August 2, 1990, but not including the airspace above

  • Arabian Sea
  • Gulf of Aden
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Neutral zone between Iraq/Saudi Arabia
  • Persian Gulf
  • Red Sea

Burn Pits Registry

The VA Burn Pit Registry is a national database of Veterans who were exposed to burn pits during their time in the military. It’s a voluntary questionnaire the VA set up to help identify health conditions related to burn pits and other airborne hazards.

You can join the registry even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms or illnesses you think are related to burn pit exposure during your military service.

Burn Pit Registry (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join the Burn Pits Registry

To participate in the Burn Pits Registry, you need to log on to the secure registry portal using your DSLogon credentials. You can also log in at,, or My HealtheVet, or you can join the registry here.

Should I Join the Burn Pits Registry?

It’s recommended. Joining the registry can help you stay ahead of health concerns associated with burn pit exposure.

How Do I Know if I’m on the Burn Pits Registry?

You can see if you’re on the registry directly from the registry home screen. You can also see if you’re on the registry from the eBenefits portal after you are logged in.

Do I have to complete it in One Sitting?

You can complete the questionnaire in one sitting or save it and return to it later.

Can I Keep a Copy of the Questionnaire?

Yes. When you finish, you can save and/or print your questionnaire responses for yourself.

Can Completing the Questionnaire Help My VA Claim?

It doesn’t hurt. You can share your questionnaire responses with your healthcare provider or submit them as documentation to support your VA claim if you choose.


Were You Exposed to Airborne Hazards?

In 2010, CENTCOM estimated there were more than 221 burn pits in Afghanistan and 22 in Iraq. 

It was discovered these burn pits threw massive amounts of toxic material into the air. These airborne toxins have caused substantial health problems for thousands of veterans. 

The 2022 passing of the VA PACT Act (or ‘Burn Pits Bill’) added 23 Burn Pit Presumptive Conditions to the VA presumptive list. 

What was Burned in Military Burn Pits?

A burn pit is a landfill that is burned rather than buried. These pits were initially set up out of necessity because during the early invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, waste disposal services were unavailable due to the challenging environment.

All of the garbage, dead batteries, medical waste, UXO, and other hazardous materials ended up in huge pits that were later set to a controlled burn. Eventually, the DoD hired defense contractors to manage the waste on overseas installations. Many continued burning pit practices.

Several products commonly disposed of in open burn pits include:

  • Chemicals, paint, medical and human waste
  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Munitions and unexploded ordnance
  • Petroleum and lubricant products
  • Plastics, rubber, wood, and food waste
List of toxic materials that were disposed of in military burn pits

Figure 1. List of toxic materials that were disposed of in military burn pits

Companies like Houston-based KBR, Inc. (formerly known as Halliburton) were recently sued more than 60 times for their role in operating burn pits. But these suits lost their case. In 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on the suits, saying KBR’s burn pit liability is a political issue the President or Congress needs to address, not the court.

Military Burn Pit Symptoms

Symptoms of burn pit exposure vary widely depending on:

  • How close you were to a burn pit
  • How long you were exposed to a burn pit
  • How often you were exposed to a burn pit
  • Wind direction
  • What was burned

The longer, more frequent, and more direct your exposure was, the greater the risk of short or long-term health effects you may have.

Some of the immediate symptoms of burn pit exposure include:

  • Eye irritation and burning
  • Coughing and throat irritation
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Skin itching and rashes

Thanks to the passing of the VA PACT Act, there is now a list of 24 health conditions that are considered presumptive to burn pit exposure. If you have any of these conditions and meet the service requirements, you could be eligible for VA disability compensation:

Additional Burn Pit Resources

The PACT Act Presumptive Conditions List [2023 UPDATE]
Maximizing Your PACT Act Compensation [2023 Guide]

Breaking Down The PACT Act: Key Changes and Benefits for Veterans With Toxic Exposure

The PACT Act and your VA benefits
(Video) Burn Pit Exposure Presumptive Conditions Revealed: Burn Pit VA Disability Rating Explained


Burn pits have had devastating effects on veterans exposed to them. 

If you served in one of these Military Burn Pit Locations and have been exposed to burn pit emissions, make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table. Your military service could make you eligible for a VA disability rating for a burn pit presumptive condition.

If the VA claims process intimidates you, you’re not alone. Many veterans second-guess themselves when going up against the behemoth bureaucracy that is the VA. The good news is that our expert Veteran Coaches can help support you in getting the VA benefits and compensation you deserve.


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