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We will never quit nor accept defeat.  We will never stop fighting for veterans benefits.  We are part of the elite community of fellow veterans on a mission to get what is rightfully ours.  We are INSIDERS.

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What is ELITE?

VA Claims Insider Elite is our premier medical consulting program to help Veterans get the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve. The #1 reason why VA disability claims get denied is due to a lack of medical evidence. The #2 reason is the VA Rating Official is unable to determine the “Nexus,” and therefore, cannot grant service-connection. We help you overcome these two problems by connecting you with medical professionals in our referral network who can provide Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) reviews and credible Medical Nexus opinions for a wide range of conditions.

*Please note we do NOT prepare or file VA disability claims. In accordance with 38 U.S. Code Chapter 59, Agents and Attorneys, VA Claims Insider, LLC does NOT represent veterans for any claims before the VA or BVA. You shall prepare and file your own claim or work with an accredited VA claims agent, many of which work for FREE. There are many FREE services offered to veterans to help you file for VA disability benefits, including accredited VSO Representatives. Veterans may search and find Accredited Attorneys, Claims Agents, or VSO Representatives by clicking this link.

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  • “Done-By-You” Self-Paced Online Course
  • Access to 3 modules and 15 video lessons
  • Access to VA Claims Insider Mastermind group
  • Discounted rates for our medical team, $50 per DBQ and $100 per Nexus Letter
  • Access to statements, examples, and templates that work
  • No additional fees
  • BONUS material Included


  • NO Up-Front Fees; 5x the Monthly Increase
  • Medical Consulting Services from our Network of Doctors
  • Access to VA Claims Insider Mastermind Group



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Veterans Willing To Help

The Most Trusted Name in VA Claims

After 34 1/2 years, 6 combat tours and 5 Operational deployments I guess they may have got it right.  100% total and combined.

William R. Hambrick, Jr.

I have learned things here that are already putting $$$ in my pocket.  I was paying my own $230 disability every month as a retired guy.  By December the 8th I was rated at 60%.  I received my first disability check 1 Feb.

Greg Stephenson

Had an excellent phone call with Brian Reese this morning and MAN OH MAN does this guy have a passion to help us Veterans!! Again Brian Thanks.

Scot Gates

Well, I got my increase for PTSD!! 70% total now 80%.  My goal was 70% so I can now apply for TDIU.  Thanks everyone for well wishes, they worked.

Ritchie Fisher


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