What are Veteran Orthopedic Conditions?

orthopedic conditions

What are Orthopedic conditions, and how do I qualify? Orthopedic conditions basically mean the bones and the joints, muscles, ligaments, anything that has to do with the way that the body moves from a musculoskeletal standpoint. These are going to be most commonly known as the joints of the knees, the hips, the back, elbows, and the neck, sometimes feet, and ankles. 

When looking at these types of claims, know that you have options. There is more that you can do to get what you need, so check it out!

What Is This?

When we talk about orthopedic conditions, we look at things like arthritis. That’s degenerative changes in the joints. Everybody gets arthritis one day. When you’re 90, you’re going to have arthritis in your body somewhere. But what does the military do? They speed up the process of your joints aging quicker. Due to the repetitive nature of jumping out of airplanes, rock marching, doing air assault missions, stuff like that, my back has tons of arthritis. 

Veterans require holistic rehabilitative Orthopedic care to get back to a healthy life. Orthopedic conditions involve the soreness or rigidness of muscles or the joints. The most significant area of litigation in the realm of orthopedics involves low back disability claims. The Veteran orthopedic conditions also include disabling and painful conditions of the knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, or feet.

Combined different types of care is usually the best option for Veterans. There is a need to try different methods to give Vets the best overall care is huge. 

What Do I need to claim Orthopedic Conditions?

A current diagnosis, and service event or nexus to an in-service event and a DBQ with an examination in line with 38 CFR. 

Let’s start off with what is 38 CFR? 

30 code of federal regulation is basically what the VA utilizes to determine what your percentage should be. There’s a paragraph in line number for every single thing cause they don’t just, it seems like they make it up sometimes. The VA has a book that says if Veteran has 10 degrees of deflection of his elbow, that equates to a specific percentage. They use this think like the VA Disability Bible to determine what your ratings are.  

Until you have a current diagnosis and medical evidence to back it up you will not be able to get your condition service-connected. We have a team of doctors and PA’s who are here to help you get the evidence you need. 

How Can Orthopedic Care Help Veterans?

In general, orthopedic claims can help veterans better their movements and relieve their joint pains. However, the main focus of veteran orthopedic care is to offer a natural way of relieving joint pain and distress.

The qualified doctors stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities to take care of the affected joints and ligaments. The procedure involves non-invasive techniques to offer a completely natural approach to healing.

In the beginning, the doctors thoroughly examine the affected joints and determine the source of the pain. Once the cause is determined, the next step is to jot down an extensive and helpful program and routine for each patient. This treatment plan involves exercises and natural processes to get the veterans back to their healthy life.

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Orthopedic Pain?

The first thing you need to do is get your butt to the doctor! Get your medical evidence up to date and find out what you still need! 

The next step would be talking to an expert over what exactly you need to file a claim for. They will go over what would be the best secondary conditions, what extra medical evidence do you need and coach you through the process.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Orthopedic Care?

Orthopedic care can treat multiple conditions that are common among military veterans. While Orthopedic care focuses on joints, tissues, and fractured ligaments, it also helps relieve the following terms.

What Are the Top 3 Things I Need to Know About It?

Orthopedic pains and distress can affect every aspect of your life. However, you need to understand the following three things to combat your orthopedic problems efficiently.


Orthopedic pain can also trigger sciatic nerves and cause immense pain. When your joints are inflamed, the sciatic nerve is also inflamed and can limit movement due to illness. The treatment for this includes anti-inflammatory medication, stretches and exercises, heat and ice therapy, and physical therapy.


Since veterans spend their entire lives on their feet, it is quite common to suffer from a severe case of arthritis later in your life. The joints are swollen and feel tender upon touch. This causes a lot of pain for the patients. Your local VA doctor will be able to treat or manage your arthritis-related pain with the help of pain killers.

Low-back Pain

This is the most common orthopedic condition among veterans. The rough life of an on-duty soldier often ends in low-back pain. Pain in the lower back can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning. The doctor will be able to diagnose this with a simple X-Ray or CT-Scan. Moreover, the treatment plan often includes activity modification, medicine, physical rehabilitation, therapy, osteopathic manipulation, occupational therapy, or surgery.

How Can I Learn More?

It is of utmost importance to keep yourself in sync with the current regulations by the VA. For more guidance, our team can help to get you to where you deserve by coaching you through the entire VA process. Interested? This is the fastest way to sign up!

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