A Lifestyle Impact Claim is a high-value secondary claim that many veterans are eligible for due to one or more primary service-connected disabilities. Most veterans, lawyers, and VSOs DON’T know about secondary claims, which are eligible for compensation under the law, just like any other ratable disability.

A Lifestyle Impact Claim provides a veteran with additional compensation if a current primary service-connected disability has impacted or limited your life in some way. This could be occupational, social, or recreational impairment.

To qualify for a Lifestyle Impact Claim, you must have a primary service-connected disability rated 0% or higher, and that primary disability must be significantly affecting your life in a negative way. And, it must be causing you chronic pain.

For example, you may have chronic pain due to your service connected back problems. Because your back pain is chronic and reoccurring, you can no longer run, lift weights, bend over, or play golf. The result of this chronic pain is that you’ve become depressed, have gained weight, and no longer enjoy recreational activities.

A Lifestyle Impact Claim is actually a mental health claim, which will be classified under the law as “Chronic Pain Syndrome with Depression.” When you go to file a claim for Chronic Pain Syndrome with Depression, you’re actually filing a claim for depression.

You need a medical diagnosis of Chronic Pain Syndrome with Depression from a U.S. Board Certified Psychologist or Psychiatrist. We recommend you have the doctor complete a full independent medical evaluation, Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBA) for mental health, and provide a Nexus statement linking your Chronic Pain Syndrome with Depression back to your active duty military service.

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