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2024 Disabled Veteran Benefits by State and Territory
(The Definitive Guide)

Your state has special benefits just for veterans. Don't miss any of them!

Just click your state on the map to load the article detailing your state's best offerings for veterans. OR, select your state from the dropdown menu below!

Most veterans know about their federal benefits available through the VA, but did you also know that all 50 states and territories offer fantastic state benefits for veterans?

Yep, it's true, and you could be missing out on great state veteran benefits you've earned for your service to our country.

Some of the top state-specific benefits for veterans include property tax exemptions, income tax waivers, education benefits, free driver's licenses, free hunting and fishing licenses, help with employment and housing, and cash payments for serving in a time of war. There are many others!

Here's a list of some quick reference resources for the best veteran benefits by state:

Listed below are the best state benefits for veterans in alphabetical order.

We've also compiled a list of benefits for veterans by territory.

List of Veteran Benefits by State in Alphabetical Order

List of Veteran Benefits by Territory

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