The Confusion of 100% Military Disabled

What does “100% Scheduler” Mean?

The title 100% Scheduler means that you are 100% disabled. When you have this title, you can be re-evaluated every 4 to 5 years at the VA’s request. You can work as much as you would like.

However, the VA can reduce your disability percentage if they feel you are doing better from a review of your medical records and treatment. If you have not continued your prescribed treatment or stopped taking your medications, then it could trigger the VA to investigate why you are not following your treatment. The VA might think, “You must be getting better, right?” In this type of situation, your disability rating may very well be reduced significantly.

What does 100% Permanent and Total (P & T) Mean?

100% Permanent and Total means that you are 100%, permanently disabled, and most likely are never going to be re-evaluated. You are still able to work as much as you want and can. This is where confusion can occur.

The thought of 100% Permanent and Total makes a person think that they will not be able to work. This is not correct. You can work, start a business, or follow whichever path life takes you on. The way the VA deems a disability “permanent” is when, based on medical evidence, the provider is confident that the level of impairment will continue for the rest of the veteran’s life.

For this reason, the VA is allowed to take age into account when determining whether a disability is permanent. This can make it difficult for younger veterans to be considered permanently disabled. Do not let this discourage you from attempting to attain 100% Permanent and Total. If you genuinely believe you deserve 100% P&T, talk with one of our Veteran Claims Experts to find out what needs to be done.

What does “100% Unemployable” mean?

100% Unemployable means you are not able to work because your service-connected disabilities are hindering you from working. Unemployable is not a title automatically given to a veteran at 100% status. Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) is something that you must apply for and provide medical evidence for. You must also provide evidence from previous employers that can tell the VA about your work performance.

The following must be valid for you to receive the title of 100% Unemployable according to the

  • “You have at least one service-connected disability rated at 60% or more disabling, or 2 or more service-connected disabilities—with at least one rated at 40% or more disabling and a combined rating of 70% or more—and
  • You can’t hold down a steady job that supports you financially (known as substantially gainful employment) because of your service-connected disability. Odd jobs (marginal employment); don’t count.”

Before You Decide

Before you decide if you would like to attain 100% Unattainable, 100% P&T, or 100% Scheduler; you must ask yourself if you want to work or start a business. If either of these things is true, attempting to attain 100% Unemployable is not the way to go. If you can reach your goal of 100%, why limit yourself with the title of Unemployable and the status that comes with it?

However, if you feel that you do not want to work in any capacity, then Unemployable could be the best route for you. I would suggest asking questions in the VA Claims Mastermind group. All of the members in this group have a wealth of knowledge that can help you determine the best path for you. In this group, the Veteran Claims Experts can assist with providing valuable links and videos that can help guide you to success.

Dan Quick is apart of the VA Claims Insider Team and is a retired Army Disabled Veteran. You can contact him at [email protected]

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