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July 9, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to North Dakota Veterans Benefits

Last updated on April 17, 2024

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There are a variety of North Dakota veterans benefits and exemptions for retired and active service members to honor their service and sacrifice.

We’ve built this complete guide of North Dakota veterans benefits to help you find all the benefits you earned!

Table of Contents
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Top North Dakota Veterans Benefits

North Dakota’s veterans make up 9.25% of the state’s total population, and this percentage is growing every year. The Peace Garden State offers excellent tax exemptions, housing and financial assistance, recreational benefits, and employment support for eligible veterans.

Your military branch, career status, and disability status, as well as residence status can affect benefit eligibility.  

A great resource for the state’s many veterans is the North Dakota Office of Veterans Affairs, which is dedicated to helping veterans obtain all the benefits to which they are entitled across all levels of government.

Tax Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions

North Dakota veteran benefits include property tax credits for disabled veterans. You must have a VA disability rating of 50% or greater to be eligible. You must also be honorably discharged. Surviving spouses are also eligible so long as they do not remarry.

This credit reduces the taxable value of the veteran’s home. 

The table below lists the credit by VA disability rating.

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption North Dakota Quick Calculator

VA Disability Rating (%)North Dakota Property Tax Exemption Amount (Up to $)
50% to 59%$3,375 from the property’s value
60% to 69%$4,050 from the property’s value
70% to 79%$4,725 from the property’s value
80% to 89%$5,400 from the property’s value
90% to 99%$6,075 from the property’s value
100%$6,750 from the property’s value

Additional Property Tax Exemptions

Disabled veterans who are paraplegic or who have been awarded specially adapted housing by the VA are exempt from property tax on the first $120,000 of the full valuation of their homestead as part of their North Dakota veteran benefits. 

Unremarried surviving spouses receiving Dependency and Indemnity Compensation from the VA also receive a 100% property tax exemption. 

Eligible veterans and surviving spouses must apply with the county auditor by February 1 of the year in which the property is assessed to receive the credit.

Income Tax

North Dakota has one of the lowest state income taxes among states that do have income tax, ranging from 1.1% to 2.9%.

While military members are required to file state income tax returns, they can deduct their active duty military pay from North Dakota taxable income. This also applies to National Guard or reserve members mobilized for active duty. 

North Dakota also exempts veterans from paying state income tax on military retirement. 

North Dakota

Education Benefits

In-state College Tuition for Non-Residents

Veterans who served at least 180 days on active duty and were honorably discharged are eligible for in-state tuition regardless of their current state residency at North Dakota State-supported schools. 

Spouses and dependents of these veterans are also eligible for in-state tuition rates. 

North Dakota Dependent Tuition Waiver

If you’re a resident disabled veteran with a 100 percent service-connected VA disability rating, your dependents may be eligible for free college at any North Dakota state-supported institution of higher education. The program covers tuition and fees. The annual cost of in-state tuition and fees at a North Dakota public college ranges from $3,300 to $10,000, making this benefit potentially worth $40,000 for a four-year degree. 

Technical or vocational schools are also included in this program. 

To qualify, the student must be a dependent of a veteran who meets one of the following criteria:

  • A 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran
  • A service member who died from service-connected disabilities
  • A service member killed in action or missing in action
  • A prisoner of war

You must have resided in North Dakota for at least six months before entering service OR have been a North Dakota resident for ten years prior to application for the tuition waiver.

For service members who are no longer living, the surviving spouse must have been a resident at the time of death, or must agree to establish and maintain North Dakota residency for five years after a child’s enrollment. 

Dependents have a total of 45 months (or a 10-semester period) to earn a diploma.

To apply, students must already be accepted for enrollment in the North Dakota school of their choice. Contact the financial aid office or the veterans service department on the student’s campus of choice

North Dakota National Guard Tuition Assistance

If you’re a North Dakota Army or Air National Guard member, you may be eligible to obtain your bachelor’s degree for free! State benefits will also cover up to 65% of tuition and fees towards a master’s degree.

The North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) created a program to work with North Dakota colleges and universities to cover tuition and fees for members. If a North Dakota school participates in the program, the school will cover up to 35% of tuition for undergraduate courses. The North Dakota National Guard will cover up to 65% of tuition for both undergraduate and graduate, along with 100% of all regular fees. 

It’s important to note that participating schools and the NGND will only cover tuition up to the costs of tuition at the University of North Dakota.

Tuition and fee benefits max out at about $10,000 per year. Members can still choose to attend a private college but will be responsible for funding the higher cost difference out of pocket or with different benefits (federal tuition assistance, GI Bill, etc).

You must meet these requirements to participate:

  • Serve through the semester or term in which you receive tuition assistance
  • Be a member in good standing
  • Have no more than 9 unexcused absences in the last 12 months
  • Complete all undergraduate courses with a grade “C” or higher
  • Complete all graduate courses with a grade “B” or higher

You must apply for each term for which you request tuition assistance no later than the first day of classes. 

You can apply online here or call the State Tuition Assistance Office at (701) 333-3008. 

High School Diplomas for Wartime Veterans in North Dakota

North Dakota veteran benefits issues veterans high school diplomas to eligible veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam under the Operation Recognition program. 

Veterans who left high school to join the military during World War II, Korea, or Vietnam are eligible to receive a high school diploma if the veteran left high school before graduation to serve in the war.

Diplomas can also be requested by family members on behalf of a deceased veteran. 

Apply for a diploma with your local Veterans Service Officer using Form SFN 61440

Educational Training Programs

North Dakota veteran benefits include the Veterans Education Training (VET) program.

The VET program is a great resource to help veterans go back to school with tutoring and advising. 

As a veteran, you can get free online tutoring in:

  • Math
  • English
  • Computer skills
  • Study skills
  • Academic and career guidance

College application assistance is also available, which includes help with financial aid applications.

If you are a veteran or current service member and planning to enroll in a North Dakota college or technical training program, you may be eligible for this program and can apply online.

Employment Benefits

North Dakota veteran benefits include employment support and hiring preference with the state. 

North Dakota Veteran State Employment Preference

All veterans with an honorable discharge receive a 5-point employment preference to interviews and exams over non-veterans for state jobs. Veterans with a disability rating receive a total of 10 points. Unremarried surviving spouses of veterans are also entitled to this benefit. 

Private employers in North Dakota also have the option of giving preference to veterans and their spouses if they so choose, without violating the equal employment opportunity law. 

North Dakota Job Service Priority

Veterans receive priority service to the state’s full range of employment and training services as part of North Dakota veteran benefits. Services focus on helping veterans translate their military experience into the civilian workforce and providing guidance on career and educational choices. 

Veterans must have an honorable discharge to be eligible for priority service. Surviving spouses of veterans with any service-connected disability or spouses of veterans with a permanent and total disability are also eligible for priority service. 

If you are a veteran job seeker in North Dakota you can get assistance in your search online. You can also contact your local VET team member online, who are also veterans. 

North Dakota countryside.


Take advantage of a FREE VA Claim Discovery Call with an experienced Team Member. Learn what you’ve been missing so you can FINALLY get the disability rating and compensation you’ve earned for your service.

Housing Benefits

North Dakota Renter’s Refund Program

If you are a permanently and totally disabled veteran and also a renter, the state’s renter refund program may be a good option for you.

North Dakota offers permanently and totally (P&T) disabled residents, as well as residents over 65, partial refunds on rent under the Homestead Property Tax Credit program.

The refund is worth up to $400 per year. 

The Renter’s Refund Tax Application must be filed before June 1st of the current tax year. 

North Dakota State Veterans Home

North Dakota veteran benefits include a veteran home located in Lisbon, North Dakota. The mission of the home is to provide basic and skilled care for residents. Medical and nursing services are available.

The cost of care is based on monthly income, offering veterans in need affordable care. 

Veterans must be residents of North Dakota for at least 30 days or entered into the service as a North Dakota resident and also have an honorable discharge. Spouses or surviving spouses of eligible veterans can also receive care at the veterans home. 

Visit the North Dakota Veterans Home site for admissions information.

Health Care Benefits

North Dakota Post War Trust Fund Hardship Assistance Grant

Veterans and their spouses have access to this North Dakota veterans benefits program designed to help pay for medical costs. 

The Hardship Assistance Grant is offered to veterans and dependents based on financial need. Unremarried surviving spouses are also eligible. Veterans must be a resident of the state for at least one year. 

The grant covers dental, optical, hearing, transportation for medical treatment, housing deposits, and other emergency needs. 

Apply for the Hardship Assistance Grant with a local North Dakota Veterans Service Officer. 

Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

North Dakota offers veterans the opportunity to apply for a grant to receive a specially trained service dog. 

Veterans must be a North Dakota resident, have a PTSD diagnosis and doctor’s recommendation for a service dog, and participate in therapy or counseling for at least one year prior to applying. 

Apply with Service Dogs for America. 

Financial Assistance

North Dakota Veterans Aid Loan Program

Veterans are eligible to apply for a loan of up to $5,000 as part of this North Dakota veterans benefits program.

The Veterans Aid Fund is for North Dakota veterans and their spouses who have been residents for at least one year and have the financial ability to make payments. 

The interest rate is 8% per year, and the time limit is from 6 to 48 months.

Apply for the loan with a Veterans Service Officer

Unemployment for Veterans

Unemployed veterans looking for jobs after completing military service may be eligible for North Dakota unemployment insurance. 

North Dakota unemployment insurance benefits range from weekly payments of $43 to $640 and cap out at $16,068 annually. 

You can file a claim online, along with a copy of your DD214. 

North Dakota veterans school benefits min

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Benefits

North Dakota veteran benefits also extend to DMV programs.

North Dakota Veteran Designation on Driver License or Identification (ID) Cards

Honorably discharged North Dakota veterans have the option to request a Veteran designation at no additional cost on the front of their North Dakota driver’s license or ID card.

The “V” printed on the upper left hand of the license allows North Dakota veterans to validate their honorable service with a government-issued ID card. 

To apply for the designation, veterans must complete verification with a North Dakota Veteran Service Officer and take the form along with their DD214 to a North Dakota Drivers License location

North Dakota Vehicle Registration and Sales Tax Exemptions

North Dakota veterans with a service-connected 100% disability rating are eligible for Disabled American Veteran (DAV) license plates.

DAV license plates exempt veterans from paying sales tax on up to two vehicles. Additionally, there is no annual license or registration fee. An unremarried surviving spouse can retain one DAV plate for their own use. 

To apply for DAV plates, the veteran must send in a letter from the VA stating the veteran is 100% disabled, along with the vehicle registration form

Parks and Recreation Benefits

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans in North Dakota

North Dakota disabled veteran benefits include a discounted fishing license ($5.00) for state resident veterans with a VA disability rating of 50% or more.

For resident disabled veterans with a VA rating of 100% P&T, the state also offers a combined general game, habitat stamp, small game, and fur-bearer license for $3.00.

Hunting and Fishing Benefits for Service Members in North Dakota

North Dakota resident active duty service members stationed outside the state are also eligible for:

  • Deer gun licenses without a lottery for $30
  • Hunting all but big game and fishing without a license (with leave papers)

Non-resident service members are eligible to purchase non-lottery licenses at resident prices. 

You can purchase all hunting and fishing licenses online with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. 

Free North Dakota State Park Entrance for Disabled Veterans and POWs

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department offers one free lifetime state parks pass for POWs and resident disabled veterans with a VA disability rating of 50% or more.

Veterans with a VA rating under 50% can still purchase an annual permit for $28. 

When applying, either bring VA proof of disability or display your North Dakota disabled veteran license plate.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Burial Benefits

North Dakota State Veterans Cemetery Program

North Dakota has one state veterans cemetery and offers a free burial plot and headstone to all North Dakota-eligible veterans and their spouses.

There are no residency requirements for these North Dakota veteran benefits, and all veterans are eligible as long as they receive an honorable discharge. 

Complete the application for burial in the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery online

VA Locations and Medical Facilities in North Dakota

LocationsVeterans Medical Facilities in North Dakota
BismarckBismarck VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
BismarckBismarck Vet Center
Devils LakeDevils Lake VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
DickinsonDickinson VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
FargoFargo VA Health Care System
FargoFargo Vet Center
FargoFargo Regional Office
GraftonGrafton VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Grand ForksGrand Forks VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Grand ForksGrand Forks Outstation
JamestownJamestown VA Community Based Outpatient
MinotMinot VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
MinotMinot Vet Center
WillistonWilliston VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
North Dakota capitol building.

Useful Resources for North Dakota Veterans

North Dakota Veterans Benefits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does North Dakota offer property tax exemption for veterans?

North Dakota offers a property tax credit of $3,375 to $6,750 for 50 percent or greater disabled veterans and their unremarried surviving spouses. Eligibility requirements include an honorable discharge, and the property must be owned and occupied as a homestead by the veteran.

Disabled veterans who are paraplegic or received specially adapted housing from the VA are exempt from property tax on the first $120,000 of the full valuation of their property. 

Does North Dakota offer tuition assistance for veterans?

North Dakota offers tuition assistance up to 100 percent for North Dakota National Guard members. The state does offer all honorably discharged veterans, along with their dependents and spouses, in-state tuition at any North Dakota public university. 

Are there income tax benefits for North Dakota veterans?

Active duty service members (or National Guard and Reserve members mobilized for active duty) do not have to pay North Dakota state income tax on their active duty military pay. Veterans are also exempt from paying state income tax on military retirement pay. 

Do North Dakota veterans receive preferential treatment when seeking employment?  

Yes, North Dakota resident veterans receive a 5-point addition to the examination for a state, county, or municipal government job. Disabled wartime veterans receive a 10-point addition. Veterans with a 30% VA disability rating or higher are also given absolute preference and placed at the top of the register for hiring. 

Does North Dakota offer employment counseling and assistance to veterans seeking employment? 

Yes, Job Service North Dakota offers priority service to veterans and eligible spouses who are seeking employment in North Dakota with the Veterans’ Employment Team.  Many of these team members are veterans and are ready to help you translate your military experience to the civilian workforce. 

Does North Dakota offer any special financial assistance to veterans and their families? 

North Dakota offers veterans and their spouses loans up to $5,000 with an 8 percent interest rate. Eligibility requirements include North Dakota residency for at least one year and the ability to make loan payments. Eligible veterans also may qualify for unemployment insurance benefits if they are looking for a job after completing military service. 

Are there housing benefits for North Dakota veterans?

North Dakota offers resident disabled veterans a renter’s refund program. Veterans must be permanently and totally disabled to participate in the program, which refunds up to $400 of rent per year under the Homestead Property Tax Credit. 

Are there North Dakota veteran benefits offering reduced recreational fees?

Definitely! The North Dakota Game and Fish Department offers a $5 fishing license and free lifetime state park entry to veterans with a disability rating of 50 percent or greater, and a $3 general game hunting license to veterans with a 100 percent Permanent and Total disability rating. Non-resident service members stationed in North Dakota are eligible to purchase licenses at resident prices. 


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