Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews

VA Claims Insider Reviews

What is VA Claims Insider?

In this post, we’re going to break-down VA Claims Insider and give some honest VA Claims Insider reviews from happy veteran clients.

VA Claims Insider is the “Most Trusted Name in VA Disability Claims.”

Our movement consists of 5 brands and a team of 250+ disabled veterans and medical professionals who all work together to help fellow veterans get the VA disability rating and compensation they deserve in less time.

Our mission is simple: “Veterans helping Veterans get the VA disability rating and compensation they deserve.”

We fulfill our mission by offering disabled veterans a suite of digital products and services inside our membership programs, to include Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) reviews and Medical Nexus Letters from a network of licensed medical professionals.

Like Amazon Prime and Costco, we operate a membership-based business with three programs: (1) VA Claims Insider MASTERY, (2) VA Claims Insider ELITE, and (3) VA Claims Insider LIVE.

Program #1: VA Claims Insider Mastery is our self-paced online course with 3 modules, 20 video lessons, and tons of real templates that teaches veterans how to file a winning VA disability claim even if they’ve already filed or been denied. (DONE-BY-YOU-ONLINE-COURSE).

Program #2: VA Claims Insider Elite is our premier coaching program intended to help veterans connect with qualified medical professionals for DBQ reviews and Medical Nexus Letters spanning the entire VA disability claims list of more than 800 conditions. Elite members also get a Coach assigned to be your expert-level guide on your journey (DONE-WITH-YOU-MASTERMIND).

Program #3: VA Claims Insider Live is our immersive 3-day live-event experience where we will be revealing the EXACT, step-by-step process we’ve used to help over 5,000 disabled veterans increase their VA disability rating by an average of 30% in under 90 days. (LIVE-WITH-YOU-IN-PERSON).

What is VA Claims Insider Elite?

VA Claims Insider Elite is our flagship “Done-With-You” program, live and in community, in a Mastermind concept.

Elite members work with fellow disabled veteran COACHES (who are trained and certified in my process), to serve as your guides, to help YOU take control of YOUR VA claim, which could result in the VA disability rating and compensation you deserve in less time.

Elite members also get extremely discounted access to our vetted medical professionals in our referral network for medical / disability examinations, Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) reviews, and credible Medical Nexus Opinions for a wide range of disability conditions.

How discounted?

74-90% OFF what other doctors charge for the same service!

VA Claims Insider 2020 Members Only Price List

VA Claims Insider Price List - April 2020

What resources will I get inside the Elite program?

Instead of charging veterans thousands of dollars to access our proprietary resources up-front, which we value at a minimum of $13,119 inside the Elite program, we decided to make these resources FREELY available to those who join our membership programs, and you only pay AFTER you win your VA disability claim AND get a higher VA rating.

If you don’t win your VA claim AND get a higher rating, you don’t owe us a penny.

Here’s a sampling of the VA Claims Insider proprietary resources offered to veterans inside our Elite membership program:

  • The Elite Experience Portal (EEP) ($4,997 value)
  • VA Claims Insider Mastermind Group on Facebook ($564 value)
  • Buddy Letter Generator Tool ($564 value)
  • High-value VA claim video trainings, templates, tutorials, and real Statement in Support of a Claim examples ($997 value)
  • Access to our network of independent medical providers for DBQ reviews & Medical Nexus Letters ($997 value)
  • Access to explainer Masterclass $5,000 per year in direct award academic scholarships for your dependents ($5,000 value)


Do I have to do any work inside the Elite program?

YES, you do!

Our expert-level-coaches will serve as your guide, but YOU need to take control of your own claim.

Nobody should care more about your VA disability claim than you do.

But don’t worry, you’re never alone in your VA claim journey.

Our team has your back every-step-of-the-way, from beginning to end.

We will coach you through, step-by-step, along with our proprietary resources and video tutorials, to help you understand exactly WHY you need to do something, HOW you should do it, and WHAT you really need to know.

We’ve broken-down the confusing and complicated VA claim process into its TWO most essential elements:

(1) New and Relevant Medical Evidence with Disability Examinations and Credible Medical Nexus Letters

(2) C&P Exam Coaching and Preparation

Is VA Claims Insider Elite for “all” Veterans?

While I wish it was, the truth is, we can’t help veterans who don’t want to help themselves.

We only want to work with veteran clients who want to work with us in a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you don’t want to learn, act, and control your own VA claim—our services are not likely a good fit for you.

What is the VA Claims Insider success rate?

While we don’t win every claim, typically for reasons outside of our control, such as a bad C&P exam, our current success rate is 91% with an average VA disability rating increase of 30%.

This means 91 out of 100 veterans inside our Elite program have increased their VA disability rating by an average of 30% in under 90 days from start to finish.

Thus, you have a VERY good chance of winning your VA claim and getting the rating and compensation YOU deserve in less time.

Can I see some VA Claims Insider reviews?

Of course you can!

Here are just a few (of THOUSANDS) of honest VA Claims Insider Reviews:

Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews VA Claims Insider Google Reviews 1
VA Claims Insider Reviews
Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews Harmony 70 to 100 PT in 15 Days 1
70% to 100% P&T in 15 days!
Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews Theresa 90 to 100 P and T 1
90% to 100% P&T
Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews VACI Reviews 3 Pack 1
VA Claims Insider BBB Reviews

How much does VA Claims Insider Elite cost?

VA Claims Insider does NOT charge veterans any up-front fees for access to the VA Claims Insider Elite membership program proprietary resources.

We don’t ever want a financial constraint to be the reason why a disabled veteran can’t join our Elite membership program.

The fees we charge at the end, if and only if you get a higher VA rating, are for “Access and Permission to Use” the VA Claims Insider Elite membership program proprietary resources, which include deeply discounted medical consultant services from our network of vetted independent medical providers as well as our proprietary VA claim resources.

If you do receive an increase in your monthly VA disability benefits, our VA Claims Insider Membership Agreement stipulates our standard fee of 6x the monthly increase, payable one time, either lump sum at a 10% discount or over 12 months at no interest. Under no circumstances will the total amount owed to VACI ever exceed $15,000. We self-imposed a max cap of $15,000 to help fellow disabled veterans as much as possible, and to limit the amount we can earn to a reasonable fee.

For example, if the veterans rating before utilizing our services is 50% at $1,000 per month, and the veterans rating after utilizing our services is 90% at $2,000 per month, the veteran would owe VA Claims Insider 6x the monthly increase, or $2,000-$1,000 = $1,000 x 6 = $6,000.

In this example, if the lump sum option is selected, the total owed would be $6,000-$600 (10% discount) = $5,400.

In this example, if the monthly payment plan is selected, the total owed would be $6,000/12 months = $500 per month at no interest.

****Note the Elite program NEVER impacts your monthly cash flow 🙂

If you select the no-interest payment plan, the money you owe us at the end is with money YOU DIDN’T HAVE BEFORE…it’s new money based upon your VA rating increase. BOOM! ??

How do I join VA Claims Insider Elite?

Good news! It’s super easy to join VA Claims Insider Elite.

If you’d like to join VA Claims Insider Elite to get instant access to $13,119 worth of proprietary VA claim resources for FREE today, and get DBQs and Medical Nexus Opinions, complete our 3-step intake here: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com

Once you sign the VA Claims Insider Elite Membership Agreement in Step #2, you’ll hear from a member of my team within 96 hours.

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