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A little about TJ

I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school when I joined the Air Force. I decided to join because I wanted to serve this country and make myself and my family proud. After serving for 4 years as a Security Forces member, I honorably discharged. The best aspect of my time in the service was the people I met and the camaraderie. I deployed in 2011 to the United Arab Emirates. The military taught me discipline and integrity and I prioritize that in my every day life.

I'm a huge sports and fitness junky (Go Eagles and Lakers), born and raised on the central coast of California but currently residing in Cedar Park, TX. I believe a good sense of humor is crucial to overall happiness. Recently, I have taken an interest in real estate and other ways of investing.

I have nearly 10 years experience working in the investigations/security fields. In 2017, I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and worked a security detail at the Department of State in Washington D.C. Through all of that, I consistently helped as many veterans as I could in my spare time with their disability claim process because I understand first-hand the frustration they feel.

I chose VA Claims Insider because I couldn't think of a more fulfilling and amazing cause to serve.

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