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Naomi Encarnacion VA Claims Insider Profile Picture

Naomi Encarnacion

Veteran Coach

A little about Naomi

I am a hard working, committed, and goal oriented individual. I love to be part of a team and working towards a large goal or outcome. I love to try new things, travel, and spending time with my family.


In 2017 I graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. In 2020, I obtained Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with focus on trauma and mental health. I have past experience serving folks in both legal and social work fields. I also have experience providing one on one psychiatric therapy at Boston Medical Center Integrative Behavioral Health Department. My passion has always been and continues to be helping underrepresented groups.


I chose to work at VA Claims Insider because I wanted to do meaningful work. I can’t think of a better way to do that than by helping our veterans.