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A little about Molly

I would want them to say that I am a mom of two beautiful daughters and the proud wife of a Navy Veteran. I'm passionate about helping other people, hardworking, and driven by success. My hobbies consist of going to the beach, hiking and spending time with my family. Working with VACI gives me the opportunity to change the lives of Veterans and their families by getting them the VA disability rating they deserve.

In 2016, I graduated with honors from Western Michigan University where I earned a bachelor's degree in social work, growing my communication and interpersonal skills. When my husband was on active duty I served as the command ombudsman which gave me the boots-on-ground knowledge and understanding of military members and their families. My husband deployed twice to the Middle East and went to many other countries during his time in the Navy. I saw the physical and mental beating that he took and the struggles that he went through and still experiences to this day.

The values and mission of VACI is what sold me on wanting to work here; helping, educating and empowering a community near and dear to my heart, our Veterans. It is truly my calling to walk side-by-side through the claims process with the men and women that have served to protect our country.

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