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Photo of Mary Lanzara

Mary Lanzara

Veteran Coach

A little about Mary

I am Mary, a wife of a First Responder, mother of twins, and the proud daughter of a Marine/Army Reservist/Air Force Reservist Veteran. I am passionate about being there for everyone and always am available to help, No questions asked! I am on the board of my local food pantry and volunteer as a mentor at a local homeless center.

I come from the Corporate world of Relocation/Transportation. My professional career has been based on helping people during one of the most stressful time in their lives and developing strong relationships is the foundation for everything I do professionally and personally. Realizing my passion was to help, I went on to pursue a B.A in Psychology.

I choose to work at VA Claims Insider because when I saw their mission and their passion to help, I knew I needed to be here. I have been given an opportunity to help and to serve our Nations hero's, how many of us can say that!

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