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A little about Jimmie

I am a father of five wonderful children four girls and one boy who is 1. I enjoy spending time with family and playing golf in my free time. I also enjoy hiking and mountain biking when I am not working or studying.

I honorably served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. I worked for ADP as an account executive where I trained and migrated customers from DOS to PC Payroll for Windows. I transitioned from there to Microsoft where I was a Partner Engagement Manager for Colleges and Universities on the East Coast. I accepted a position as a government contractor where I helped recruit qualified men and women for the United States Army Recruiting Command. Managed my own commercial and residential redevelopment entity.

When the opportunity came to work for VA Claims insider, I knew I could finally work for a entity that cares. Once I found out how they were helping veterans get the benefits they deserve, I was all in. I knew that this job would give me the honor and privilege to help change the lives of veterans and their families. This job would let me help some of my brothers and sisters in arms, who might be struggling to get the benefits they earned and deserve. I can now finally say I have found my dream job.

At a young age, I knew I wanted to make a difference in my community and give back to our nation. I would walk into the local post office and take the brochures of all of the services and debate on which one I would join once I was old enough. I wanted a challenge and I wanted to be the very best I could be so I decided at an early age I was going to become a United States Marine.

I joined the Marines right after high school and the adventure began. I found out very fast that nothing is given, and everything was earned. Once graduation from MCRD San Deigo I could finally consider myself a Marine. The four years would fly by so fast. I enjoyed living on the tropical island of Okinawa for a full year. My most memorable deployment was being stationed in Norway for 9 months.

It took me 13 years to obtain benefits from the VA. I had a lot of setbacks and rejections. I am a 60 percent service-connected disabled veteran. The 60 percent rating helped changed my life in many ways. The first thing I wanted to do is give back and help other veterans get the benefits they earned and deserve.

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