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Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin

Veteran Coach

A little about Jesse

Jesse was 18 when he enlisted in the Navy. He was an Engineman (EN) in the Navy. He completed four years in the Navy and three West Pacs. If the Pacific Ocean touches it, Jesse has probably been! Jesse joined the Army nine months after getting out of the Navy. He was a Human Resources Specialist (42A) in the Army. He completed multiple tours in support of Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Growing up, Jesse always wanted to serve in the military. 

All together, Jesse’s professional background includes 21 years in the US Army and Navy. His skills include human resources, coaching, training, development, safety, complex problem solving, and organizational leadership. Jesse is honest, dependable, resourceful, and loyal. 

“I wanted to continue to serve after completing my military service. Working with veterans and a community that I am familiar with is very important to me.”