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Photo of Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer McDonald

Veteran Coach

A little about Jennifer

Patriotism and respect for our Veterans runs deep within Jenn's family! She is a proud Midwesterner, born and bred. Although she is not a vet, she is the granddaughter of a WWII Vet, Daughter of Korean War Marine, Daughter-in-Law of a Proud Vietnam Vet, the mother of a USMC 2/7 Golf Machine Gunner/0331 and the significant other of a Gulf War Combat Marine. Patriotic pride and a deep respect for Veterans and their value to our nation is a strong virtue Jenn has.

Professionally, Jenn spent 22 years in healthcare, with her past 9 years focused on championing for Private Sector Health care accessibility for Veterans as well as educating Veterans as to the benefits available to them via the VBA.

"Having the ability to personally and on a 1:1 basis coach our nation's Veterans and their families through obtaining the benefits that they morally and ethically deserve, there's nothing more rewarding that I would want to do with my life; that's why I'm here."

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