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Jenna Baker

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A little about Jenna

I am a mom to two boys and a baby girl. I enjoy traveling with them and spending time outdoors more than anything. We are a fun group and just love to do things together.

I spent eight years in the Marine Corps as a female combat Veteran. This has given me a comprehensive understanding of the VA, and the challenges Veterans face when dealing with their disability rights. Since my time out of the service, I have worked in the administrative world with companies such as USAA. I enjoy continuing to work with Veterans to help us all navigate through the challenges of civilian administration after the military.

I chose to work at VA Claims Insider to help fellow Veterans get the disability benefits they have earned and worked hard for.

I was 17 years old when I joined the Marines in 2005 and graduated high school early to leave for boot camp. I served for nearly eight years and enlisted to travel and experience life from different perspectives. My occupation was 0151, but I spent most of my time serving as a Lioness and a training instructor.

I traveled in Individual Augment (IA) billets to Korea and Thailand which led to some profound life experiences. Those tasks led me to the extremely rare military career path as a Lioness deployed to Iraq. There, I searched women and children for weapons and bombs in various settings with grunt units in 2008 and 2009.

I was promoted to Sergeant by age 20 and put in charge of the entire Iraqi Lioness program, where I trained and led women from every service. Those skills led me to finish my military career as a Trainer for any unit needing one, as I was skilled in everything from CLS to Expert Riffle Range Qualifications down to SACO and Suicide Awareness NCO.

I am a combat-disabled veteran, but am not satisfied with my current rating and experienced a lot of hardships while filing. I didn't use any services to assist in my claim. When completing my initial claim, I was treated inappropriately at the Oakland, CA, VA. The frustration caused me to step away and not follow through with anything.