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A little about Henry

I am a husband, father of 5, and a son of God. From NYC and having Dominican parents, I grew up with a large family, with a love for music, food, and gatherings. So I appreciate it when we all get together to enjoy some quality time. Love sports (especially the Yankees Knicks LETS GOOOO!!!)

Being a Veteran myself, I know what it takes to deal with the VA. So if I can guide a Veteran to not go through what I did, that would be a win-win.

The great Warren Buffett says, 'It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes.

I joined the Army 1 month before 9/11, a 19-year-old new father just wanting to provide for my family. I was stationed in Ft Hood, TX before being deployed to Iraq. During my service, I was a 19Kilo Tanker. One of my major takeaways from my time in the service would be, teamwork makes the dream work. I love taking on projects as a team and together going over the finish line.

I currently have multiple service-connected disabilities, PTSD, Back, Pneumonia, to name a few. However, I had a tough time filing a claim with the VA on my own. I got denied multiple times until I started educating myself with Brian's videos. Then I signed up with VACI, which made my journey so much simpler.

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