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Photo of Gil Shuga

Gil Shuga

Veteran Coach

A little about Gil

Father of 5 amazing human beings. I am an Arizona native who still enjoys exploring this beautiful state and spending time with family and friends. Fan of most Arizona professional sports and Navy and Michigan football.

I was appointed to the United States Naval Academy directly from high school. After graduation, I spent nine years on active duty as a Surface Warfare Officer. Most of that time was spent driving destroyers around the Pacific, including multiple WestPac deployments. In my years at sea, I served as an Engineering Division Officer, Navigator, and the Weapons Department Head. I realized very quickly that my senior enlisted personnel had a lot more to teach me than I could teach them. They were my most valued resource.

Prior to joining VACI I worked as a consultant to business owners, helping them grow and build their businesses. Teaching their staff best practices on how to streamline daily activities and provide awesome customer service. I found coaching and teaching others towards greater success to be extremely rewarding.

It was frustrating hearing about veterans who were uncompensated or under-compensated for service-connected disabilities. When I discovered what Brian Reese and VACI were doing, I knew it was a place I could contribute to solving this problem.

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