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Eddie Chavarria

Eddie Chavarria

Veteran Coach

A little about Eddie

Eddie is a 14 year Amy and National Guard Veteran. He spent 6 years enlisted and deployed to Iraq in 2004. He then returned and decided to apply for flight school and was accepted. Eddie ended his career as Warrant Officer with three aircrafts under his belt (Blackhawk, Apache A/D and Lakota).

He then transitioned into consulting/sales through a recruitment at Dell. Eddie enjoys time with his 5 year old daughter. His family is what contributes to the man he is today! 

Eddie chose to work at VA Claims Insider for the simple fact of wanting to help fellow brothers and sisters. As a Disabled Veteran, he understands the frustration and anxiety associated with dealing with the VA and decided he wanted to help. 

My success to this day comes from the simple recipe of listening, understanding and helping.