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Photo of Donald Whitton

Donald Whitton

Veteran Coach Manager

A little about Donald

Donny is an enthusiastic, customer-centric team leader with 20+ years of experience enhancing organizational success, project management, and working with stakeholders to meet objectives in various industries. A driven and dedicated Veteran services specialist, Donny is passionate about the veterans-serving-veterans model and has leveraged extensive experience in VA education benefits and VA disability benefits to mentor and train over 40 peer advisors to assist over 1,000 Veterans.

Donny joined the Army in 1999 and is now 100% P&T with a couple SMCs added on. He's gone through the ups and downs of transitioning as a disabled vet and has found that continuing a life of service is the only thing that can fill that void. Donny knew that he wanted to do anything he could to minimize the path of resistance for the rest of the veteran population.

“Soldiers, much like veterans, just want the tools to be successful. Given the right tools and mentorship, they will find away. That is what we do here at VACI, we provide the tools and mentorship to allow veterans to make the most of the rest of their journey.”