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Brandon Ellison

Veteran Coach

A little about Brandon

I enjoy spending my free time hiking with my dog. I enjoy getting going to the gym. I'm an avid sports fan, particularly all Atlanta-based sports teams.

I spent five years as a Hospital Corpsman. I spent this time caring for active duty personnel and veterans with various medical conditions from their time in service. After I left the Navy, I earned my bachelor's degree in health administration to further help others, with an emphasis on veterans, with their administrative medical conditions.

I am passionate about keeping The Department of Veterans Affairs accountable for caring for veterans.

I was 19 years old when I enlisted in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. I tried college for a year after high school and decided at the time that school wasn't for me, and I wanted to do something different.

My major takeaway after leaving the military is recognizing not everything is life and death anymore. I enjoy knowing that I get to go home and be with my family at the end of the day. I gained this insight from a combat deployment to Syria in 2017-2018 as a Hospital Corpsman with the 2nd Battalion 7th Marine Regiment.

I currently am 90% disabled and still ongoing. I developed white matter brain disease from my deployment to Syria due to mass exposure to cyanide, methanol, and organic phosphate. Due to this, I developed total bladder failure. That's in addition to asymptomatic strokes, lung scaring, obstructive sleep apnea, PTSD, and tinnitus. My life has been forever changed by my time in service, and I want to help other veterans know that they are not alone.

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