Thousands of U.S. military and others who were affected by toxic burn pits could now finally receive their denied treatment.

According to Fox News, the U.S. Department of Labor recently learned that these open aired burn pits are in fact connected to lung disease. An open aired burn pit is described as an open fire, used to burn trash, batteries, tires, and waste, using jet fuel and releasing chemicals into the air. These pits were frequently near American military bases overseas.


The black smoke coming from burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan has caused lung disease in many service men, women and private contractors. From a new court ruling, those affected may now finally gain the treatment previously denied.


Thousands of service members have signed their names on the Burn Pit Registry created by the VA. The ones who have gotten medical treatment have had their claim refused from the VA on the basis of no service connection.

The Department of Defensive has recognized that these burn pits might be dangerous, but they do not recognize it as being linked to lung disease.


Some of the symptoms which are linked to these burn pits are cancer, chronic fatigue, and weakness. You could also have problems with other lung diseases.

Family members have watched their loved ones become sick after being home for only a couple years. Seemingly healthy men and women, suddenly getting deathly ill in a very short time. The connection could be these toxic chemicals released.


The result from these burnings could be the present-day Agent Orange or Gulf War Illness.


The smoke taken in from these pits has affected private contractors who served as well, like Veronica Landry. She was working in Iraq near one of the military bases for Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR). After returning home, she has spent the past ten years in and out of hospitals.

Landry says that she is just thankful the judge took her case. After her insurance company and her former employee refused to continue to pay her bills, she was unsure what she would do. The ruling decided that her company and their insurance provider should be covering all medical bills.


Through the judge’s ruling in favor of Landry’s case, more Veterans will hopefully be compensated for their similar experiences with burn pits.



If you think that you may have some of these symptoms, send us a message. We can talk to you about what you can do to win your claim.