In 2003, from April to September, some Army National Guard, Reserve, and active duty soldiers were stationed at a water treatment facility in Basrah, Iraq. Many of these servicemen were from the states of Indiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Oregon.

These treatment centers are known to have been contaminated with harmful substances which can cause cancer and other serious medical conditions.

If you or someone you know was stationed here, contact the VA to receive free treatment.




The facility here is known to have been contaminated with sodium dichromate dust. This has a chemical in it known to cause cancer through inhalation.


At the time, the Army examined 137 service members for skin irritation. The acidic properties of sodium dichromate caused irritation to the eyes, nose, lungs, sinuses, and skin. At the time when examined, they discovered some unusual findings but were unable to prove that the symptoms found were directly linked to chromium exposure.


The VA has filed claims to known service members affected by the toxins and who have substantial damage to skin or respiratory system.

If you were exposed to this, and have not already been tested, you will need to go to your VA office and receive their target exam. This includes a chest radiograph and pulmonary function test. After completed, you will need to come back periodically to redo the tests. These tests are used to find out how the chemicals affected the body and treated accordingly.


Additionally, when submitting this claim still include the use of buddy letters. These will help to explain the severity of the effect caused by the chemicals.


Here is the VA’s published report.