By now, everyone has heard about the government shutting down this week. We know many Veterans might be worried about how it will affect their specific situation. We are here to tell you how each department will be affected!

The short answer is that the shutdown will not affect Veteran benefits or entitlements. This is because those funds come from a separate pool of money. VA disability pay and GI Bill are both safe during this shutdown.

Here is what you need to know about each affected part of the military.


Active Duty

Active duty military members could be sent home, and they will not receive pay until after Congress resumes.


Military Families

Troops killed during active duty service families’ will not be able to receive their check. Until the shutdown is lifted, the family will not be able to get their $100,000, or transportation to the military funeral.


Military funded travel will be postponed until after Congress resumes again.


On base, military care will be closed except for emergencies. Off base, hospitals will not be affected. If you have a medical issue contact your doctor and they will be able to advise you on other scheduled care.


Hopefully, we will soon see Congress back in session so that all departments will be able to resume.