The VA has a little-known benefit which helps veterans get funds for clothing. If you are a Veteran, who has a clothing need you can qualify for a monthly clothing allowance. You can be eligible for this by having a service-related disability as an additional part of your disability compensation.

If your clothing becomes damaged by something, you already receive compensation for you are eligible for reimbursement. This could be a prosthetic, orthopedic appliance, or prescribed medication. If available, you could receive either a one-time or yearly payment.




You need to have a service-connected disability. To qualify, you also must be using a prosthetic or orthopedic device. According to the VA, the damage to your clothing must be irreplaceable and not able to be fixed. Under this requirement, a washable stain would not qualify.


If you have more than one qualifying condition, you may be able to increase your allowance for each disability.


The current rate at which the VA pays for clothing allowance is $753 per year.



To Apply

Fill out the VA form. This must be submitted by August 1st of each year to qualify. Gather all your relevant and supporting documents.

When you apply, list the clothing which was damaged, the disability, when it was issued, the VA facility which approved it, and how it impacts your life.

When your forms are filled out, you will need to sign to certify everything stated is correct.


If you need assistance filling out your application, talk to your closest VA facility for more help.

Other Benefits

As well as covering clothing costs, the VA offers additional benefits for Veterans in college already qualified for compensation.

For vets in VOC rehab, they can be reimbursed for supplies bought for school or internet if driving to the school isn’t logical.

You may be reimbursed if VOC rehab doesn’t cover the cost initially and it’s required for the college class. School supplies covered could include internet, ink, or paper.  You need to submit a VA form 28-1905m.