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VA Clothing Allowance

Do you have to wear a prosthetic, take special medicine for a skin condition or use an orthopedic device?  Did you know you could be eligible for extra money each year to help offset the cost of replacing your ruined clothing through the VA Clothing Allowance?

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VA Claims Insider LIVE

Brian Reese will lead a breakout session at the NGAT National Conference where attendees will learn How to File or Re-File a Winning VA Disability Claim, Even If You’ve Already Got a Rating or Been Denied!

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What is Nehmer Law?

David Sinsel, a Veteran Coach at VA Claims Insider gives you some tips about what is the Nehmer Law and who qualifies. The Nehmer Law

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Why Are DBQ’s Important?

A Disability Benefits Questionnaire is a form that your service provider will fill out describing specifics about a ratable condition that you are seeking compensation for. They were created to streamline the process of your claim.

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6 common PTSD misconceptions

Many Veterans are under certain misconceptions about what filing a claim for PTSD will do for their way of life. Here are six things that many people think, and the truth behind them.

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