PTSD claims can be difficult to get approved. Since many symptoms do not begin to show up until years after returning home, many VA claims are denied on the basis of no service connection.

With the correct information in your file, you can make sure you have the highest rate possible.


Get a copy of your C-File


This is the first piece of information you need to complete. By obtaining a copy of your C-File, you can see what documents the VA has about your case. And in worse situations, ensure that the information they have is all related to you. Your C-File contains all of your medical records and any other documents pertaining to you. This is a good place to begin in crafting your claim.


Provide a solid DBQ


A DBQ is a great way to document exactly what condition you are trying to receive compensation for. These forms are available on the VA website and you can fill out a separate one for each disability you are claiming.

You are also able to have a doctor fill this form out for you. By having a doctor’s signature signing off on your rating then the VA could find favor in this and increase your rating.

It is more helpful to have a doctor who specializes in the specific area you are trying to receive coverage for fill out the DBQ. For example, for your PTSD claim, having a psychologist or psychiatrist fill out the form. Whereas if you were trying to gain an increase for a back issue, a doctor who specializes in this would be more useful.


Connect your injury to medical records

This means, essentially proving the stressor. You must connect whatever you are trying to get your claim approved for. By having a clear connection, you will be more likely to have your claim approved.


Get letters from friends and family

Otherwise known as buddy letters. By having letters from people who are close to you they can fight on your behalf. This can increase your chances of getting the highest rating possible.

If you still need help with your claim, send us an email. We can help you figure out how to get the compensation you deserve.