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Charles Harris

Veteran Coach

A little about Charles

I am very compassionate about helping veterans. In my spare time, I like to help veterans find information to increase their VA rating. I am very big on family. My wife and I are empty nesters, and you're more likely to find us somewhere close to a beach than home.

I served in the Army for 19 years in many logistics leadership roles, including officer and enlisted, reserve, national guard, and active duty. After Military service, I worked in operations leadership roles in manufacturing for 11 years. During my time in manufacturing, I made it a goal to help as many veterans get information about and receive their benefits.

I am friends with another VA Claims Insider employee. My friend told me how responsive VACI is with its clients and the amount of empathy shown from start to after 100%. That's what led me to join the entity.

I was 18 years old when I enlisted. I served 19 years (reserve, national guard, active). I was an Army Brat, motivated by growing up around the Army. As an Enlisted Soldier, I held 3 MOS (62B, 75D, 88M), and as an Officer, I branched Logistics 90A.

My most inspirational experience during my time in the Army was when I got appointed as entity Commander. Having responsibility for 250+ people is both challenging and rewarding. I deployed to Iraq and served as a senior advisor on a Mitt team.

I was rated at 80% When I ets. I decided to go for an increase and got myself to 90%. I used a entity similar to VACI to get me to 100% P&T.

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