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Rylan Reilkof

Rylan Reilkoff

Veteran Coach

A little about Rylan

Rylan enlisted at 19 years old into the US Air Force and served from 1998 – 2002. His father served 22 years in the US Navy and my grandfather was in the Royal Canadian Navy. That being said, Rylan always wanted to serve! His occupation was a Dietary Technician. (True fact: Rylan  was a Canadian Citizen while serving in the US Air Force. He didn’t become a US Citizen until after his enlistment.)


After leaving the US Air Force, Rylan spent the last 13+ years in Hotel Sales. He understands how to successfully move clients through the sales process from start to finish. He recognizes the importance of attention to detail and follow-up; all of which help build trust with clients. Having worked with multiple sales teams in multiple cities/states has helped Rylan through his career to develop long-lasting relationships with clients that in turn have given him repeat business as well as personal relationships. 

“As a fellow United States Air Force Veteran, my goal is to help as many fellow veterans navigate through the VA process as a Coach and give everyone the assistance they need to get what they legally and morally deserve from the VA.“