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Luke Predmore

Luke Predmore

Business Development Representative, Engagement

A little about Luke

I’m an Army vet. I have a wife and 4 kids who I love to spend as much time with as possible. If I’m not playing with them, I’m usually doing some form of woodworking and being outside. After the military, I spent several years working in Physical Therapy. I’ve always had the drive to help anybody that I can through any means possible. I can’t think of any better way to spend my time than to help other veterans achieve the same benefits that I received through VACI.  I spent several years fighting the VA and trying to get myself appropriately rated. I tried other companies and couldn’t get the help I needed. VACI made the process easy and fast. Helping other vets get that same benefit is the most meaningful career I could ever ask for.

I served 4 years in the Infantry. I deployed once to Afghanistan. I joined because I wanted to serve and help other people in less fortunate areas of the world. During my time in the service, I learned the true meaning of sacrifice and struggle. The perspective that comes from being in a place like Afghanistan and seeing how people live and the struggles they go is really valuable in how we live our lives here.

I am 100% service-connected. I battled the VA for several years. I even enlisted the help of other services that said they would help. Eventually, I gave up. After running into VACI, I was able to get my full rating in 2.5 months. It has made an incredible impact on me and my family.

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