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Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker

Veteran Coach

A little about Lisa

Lisa currently lives in SC. She grew up in a military family. Her grandfather served in the Navy, while her father was a West Point graduate, a,Vietnam veteran, and career Army Lt Col and his brother (her uncle) served in the marines. Her former spouse is a Desert Storm veteran, an Army infantry Officer and Lieutenant. Her son participated in the Army ROTC, ranking 1% in the nation, and is currently an Infantry Officer 

Lisa herself is a USC graduate with Honors.  She has over 15+ years sales/sales management experience as a “Top Producer” with a Fortune 100 company. She has over 40,0000+ hours of experience as a Special Needs advocate, specifically targeting Autism. Lisa is an advocate of the grass root movement Ryan’s Law. This law provided children diagnosed with autism health care benefits worth $65,000 per year. 

Lisa came to VACI, because she truly believes in the purpose. “I believe this wholeheartedly, and am uniquely placed via my cumulative experience to help veterans get the money they deserve faster, for life, tax free”