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Libbie Hall

Veteran Coach

A little about Libbie

I am married to my best friend. We have three grown children and make it a point to have family dinner night every week. I grew up in Southern California but have spent most of my life in the midwest, aside from a few years in Texas.

I love being a Nona, and the beach is my happy place. The Gulf Coast beaches are my favorite.

As an extrovert, I love spending time with people and entertaining. And I fully believe laughing should be a daily activity.

After graduating from college, I worked in higher education as a university's Director of Career Services. I left my career when my second child was born, but shortly after began a new career in ministry. I was a Worship Pastor for many years, and now lead a ministry that serves women and feeds local children. I thrive in mentoring and coaching and find great fulfillment in helping others reach their goals.

While I am not a vet, my father served in the Army, and my oldest brother was a Marine. I was raised in a family that honored Veterans and instilled in us a high level of patriotism.

My husband and I both serve Veterans in our careers, and we are honored that we get to show our appreciation for the freedom purchased through the sacrifice of others.

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