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Jonathan Chambers

Jonathan Chambers

Veteran Coach, Veteran Coaches

A little about Jonathan

Jonathan comes to us with over eight years of Human Resources experience with the U.S. Army where he served two years in Iraq. Jonathan was the subject matter expert for his commanders in the areas of equal opportunity, awards, benefits management, payroll, and evaluation requirements. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s in Public Administration with a minor in Sociology. He is skilled in strategic planning, and infrastructure development.

After his service in the military Jonathan gained immense marketing, branding, and networking experience as a Realtor. After seeing social issues in his community, Jonathan took a career turn to lead non-profits, both as a board member and in management. His experience ranges from homelessness, to anti-human trafficking. 

“I am 90% service connected. PTSD, headaches, GERD and back issues. This was a long hard struggle to get this far and I am still working on an increase.”