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Johandy Martinez

Johandy Martinez

Veteran Coach

A little about Johandy

Hello all!! My name is Johandy Martinez. I am an Air Force Veteran and have served for over 11 years. I’m passionate about serving my nation as a service member and a firefighter in my community. I have found my true passion in helping other veterans get what they deserve! In the military, we are often deprived of information that can help us. This is the perfect opportunity for me to help veterans realize their potential. 

I have had an extended customer service history since joining the USAF. I was in fitness sales and customer service specialist. While in the Air Force, I was also an advocate for military education and the use of tuition assistance/GI Bill. I even helped veterans fill out paperwork for using the VA loan. I was always an advocate for exploring all of the military benefits available to us veterans. Now I get to bring that same level of help to veterans by helping them receive their disability benefits. 

I was a client here at VACI, and my coach was amazing! I was so happy and motivated about the service that I mentioned that I wanted to do the same. She said she thought I’d do well in this role, which has felt like a perfect fit ever since! I love helping other veterans get the benefits they deserve.

I was 22 years old when I enlisted in the United States Air Force and have served over 11 years (currently IRR). I joined because I was lost in life and wanted a job that emphasized teamwork and always wanted to few benefits I knew about at the time. I started as an aircraft mechanic on a C-17 aircraft but was then commissioned to Maintenance Officer for KC-10/ KC-46. 

My biggest takeaway from the military was that I have value. I joined the Air Force without knowing anybody or anybody knowing me. Through hard work and grit, I overcame many challenges throughout my career; my biggest one was being promoted from E6 to O1E. If anything, this gave me the confidence that I can make anything happen as long as I consistently work towards my goal. 

I have a VA rating of 80% for migraines, knees, bicep, and shoulders. I’m currently awaiting one more claim. As a former VACI client, my experience was wonderful. My coach helped me to get from 50% to 80%, and my only regret was that I did not reach out sooner. Before joining, filing for my VA disability was the most complex and annoying process ever. I would probably be at 100% if I had reached out to VACI from the start.

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