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Jocelyn Richardson

Jocelyn Richardson

Veteran Coach

A little about Jocelyn

I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and moved to California when I was seven. At the age of eight moved to Chelsea, MA where I was raised and where I call home. My husband and I are both retired from the Army. We live in Texas with our two children and three dogs. 

My experience includes a variety of military, sales, customer service, and finance opportunities. I worked in financial institutions for ten years while in the Army Reserve. For the last eight years, I have had the opportunity to work full-time in the Army. I have experience with financial reports and a degree in accounting. During my time in finance, I helped people from different backgrounds in different states. I enjoy problem solving and working with others. 

I chose to work at VA Claims Insider because I enjoy helping people. I recently retired and wanted to get involved in something that would help Vets. 

I enlisted at the age of 20 out of Van Nuys, CA, and served for 18 years. I did ten years in the Army Reserve and then switched to Active Guard Reserve (AGR). I enlisted for educational benefits. I held three occupations while I served. I started at 88H- Cargo Specialist, then switched to 42A-Human Resources, and lastly, 79R- Recruiter. 

I was medically retired after a failed back surgery. I went through the IDES process and retired Aug 2022 with a 100 P&T disability.

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