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Horace Thompson 1

Horace Thompson

Veteran Coach, Veteran Coaches

A little about Horace

Horace joined the army not long after high school and served 4 years, 1982-1986. He did not want his family to pay for college, so he took the opportunity to serve and receive financial assistance. He spent two years in Erlangen, W Germany and loved it; the military, not so much. After he returned home, he finished the last year and half at Fort Hood, TX.

Horace now lives in Dallas, TX, which is a change from his original birthplace of Pontiac, MI. He has been married to his wonderful wife Kimberly for now 21 years. No children, but two big dogs name Nyla and Onyx. He also loves his vinyl records, he has a nice turntable that he loves to let loose and spin music such as Jazz and Earth Wind and Fire, among many others.


“I am easy and passionate about helping vets get their benefits. Like our founder says, ‘You Served, You Deserve!’”

Horace is a 100% disabled veteran. He is looking to provide veterans with guidance so they can obtain the same opportunity with their veteran rating.