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Cody Dillard

Cody Dillard

Veteran Coach

A little about Cody

I am a fun-loving person that enjoys traveling, spending time with my family, and extreme sports. My hobbies include building race cars, riding 4 wheelers, going to the lake to ride jet skis, hunting, and camping. My friends and family would describe me as someone who loves to help others and is willing to drop everything to be there for someone in need.

Professionally, I am a detail-oriented, outgoing person, and I thrive on making connections with other people. Being a veteran that has experience the VA claims process myself, I have the knowledge to share with others, as well as the personality to make others feel comfortable and supported. I am a hard-working and determined person that does not stop until the job is done.

I chose to work at VA claims insider because I know personally what it is like to struggle from service-related injuries. I also know the relief that can be brought to veterans that are struggling and in need of assistance. It is my goal to be a catalyst for change for those that have fought for our country and have not been fairly compensated.

I was 17 at the time I enlisted and I served from 2003-2006 active duty and 2006-2009 in the reserves. The main reason I enlisted was to better myself and serve my country. My job was serving as a 14T patriot missile operator/maintainer. I then moved on to working in the supply/arms room as a 92Y Supply Sgt in the reserves.

While serving one of the biggest takeaways for me was learning teamwork and achieving goals and tasks was much easier working together as a team. Also, integrity was one of the biggest things that were instilled into me that will always be one of my main qualities. I firmly believe in doing what is right and helping others as I want to be treated. I was recognized for helping out as a leader of a QRF mission.

I currently have service connections for a TBI from a severe head injury I had while on active duty. I also have mental health connections from this as well and migraines along with some other connections. I went for over 10 years without any help other than a 10 percent rating when I first got out and never knew or had any idea about VA disability. I felt like the system failed me and I should have been helped with the injury I had that caused a lot of struggles for me throughout my life. I finally received help from the VA 10 years later than was awarded 100% off one evaluation I went to. I later then discovered VACI and got my T and P awarded within months after going through the process.