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Christine Faria Berrios

Chris Faria-Berrios

Veteran Coach

A little about Chris

Born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Very outgoing and into nature and sports (softball and soccer). I aim to serve others and help in any way I can. I’ve been in leadership roles most of my life. The one thing I enjoy most is helping others grow and achieve things they never thought possible.

I chose VA Claims Insider because I was looking for a career where I could help others, that since of purpose we all search for. What better community to help than the veteran community. I am a disabled veteran, some disabilities aggravated by service and others that happened during service. I am currently sitting at an 80% disability rating. I am a VACI client getting excellent help from amazing coaches to increase my rating.

Joined the Army Reserves in 2012 as a 94D (Power Generation Equipment Repairer. During that time, I attended the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Commissioned as a 2LT in 2015 as a Military Police Officer.

During my time in service, I learned and developed my passion to serve others. I’ve learned that helping others is an act that improves the quality of life in general. If you give your time, you don’t end up with less; on the contrary, it multiplies and enriches you, like a mathematical rule that is difficult to explain. Giving is an act that charges people with positive energy and brings light to the world that we sometimes may see a little bit dark.