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Brian Hornaday

Veteran Coach

A little about Brian

I was born and raised in Southeast Arkansas. The Army brought me to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 1997, where I worked as a Military Police Corrections Specialist. I spent 15 months at Camp Humphreys, South Korea, also, but then PCS'd back to Fort Leavenworth. I was medically discharged in 2002.

I met my wife, Kelley, in 2002, right after I finished my military service. We have two awesome kids: Sierra and Blake, and two dogs: Coco and Cookie. I love hunting, fishing, golf, baseball, and football. Go CHIEFS!!! I continued working in the law enforcement profession after my military service, holding many titles such as Deputy Sheriff, Detective, School Resource Officer, and eventually Chief of Police and then Undersheriff. I have over 8 years experience as a Death Investigator, and I also worked for Department of the Army Police for 5 years, wearing many hats, including AWOL/Deserter Apprehension. Working in law enforcement provided me with a lot of experience in communication, problem-solving, psychology, empathy, and duty, and through death investigation, a broad understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the human body.

In May 2022, I medically retired from law enforcement due to PTSD. I joined VA Claims Insider as an Elite Member in July 2022 because I was worn out from fighting for what I deserved. VA Claims Insider provided me with everything I needed to stay in the fight and also provided me with a sense of belonging.

Working for VA Claims Insider gives me the opportunity to pay it forward every day in hopes that others will not have to fight the battles I continuously lost for over 16 years. After becoming an Elite Member, I finally learned why I had been denied all of those years, and I also learned I was underrated for mental health, my back, and my shoulders. Working with an expert coach made it easy. I won my first claim in less than 60 days, and VA Claims Insider helped me identify several other claims I could file that I didn't even know about.

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