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Aaron Daugherty

Veteran Coach

A little about Aaron

Aaron is a Navy Veteran with a 100% P&T disability rating. He enlisted at 23 and served for 3 years before being medically discharged in 2009. Aaron’s two grandfathers were a driving force of why he enlisted; one was a WWII Army veteran that served in Germany and the other was a WWII Navy veteran. He found his calling years ago as a National Service Officer with the Vietnam Veterans of America Organization and has assisted thousands of veterans in filing and appealing claims through the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

“I have seen first hand how many veterans are underrated for their medical or mental conditions and want to help them improve their quality of life. I believe every veteran that served our country, combat or non-combat, deserves to be compensated for any medical or mental condition incurred through their service.”

Aaron is married with 3 kids and makes his home in Austin, TX. He is honored to continue assisting veterans at VACI in obtaining the benefits they deserve through their service to our country.

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