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What is RAMP?

Have you heard about the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program? This new appeals process could help speed up the time it takes for your claim to be re-examined. Under one of the two paths, you can choose which one is best for your compensation increase.

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New Digital Appeals Tool

Learn more about the VA’s update to the Appeals Status Tool. This tool will help Veterans know precisely where they are in the claims process and is part of the initiative to create more transparency through the VA.

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Qarmat Ali Treatment

In 2003, from April to September, some Army National Guard, Reserve, and active duty soldiers were stationed at a water treatment facility in Basrah, Iraq.

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Top GI Bill facts

A GI Bill is assistance from the government available for retired active duty military to return to school. You could be eligible for 36 months of education. Find out what you need to know to qualify and apply for this benefit.

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Government Shutdown

By now, everyone has heard about the government shutting down this week. We know many Veterans might be worried about how it will affect their

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Clothing Allowance

The VA has a little-known benefit which helps veterans get funds for clothing. If you are a Veteran, who has a clothing need you can

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, the number of soldiers with reported brain injuries has increased over the past couple years. In fact,

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Extra-Schedular Ratings

Is your disability significantly worse than what the VA is giving you compensation for? Find out how you can qualify for an extra-schedular rating!

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